Advertising industry development

The advertising industry is very important for people, as it helps to get the information about the product. It is important to understand trends in order to develop a successful advertising campaign.

The Internet is more effective than TV

Internet advertising is more efficient than TV advertising. This changing may affect many companies’ strategies since the internet becomes the place where companies advertise their products and services. Therefore, a necessity of finding new partners and platforms appears. It is necessary to develop your business successfully.

The market for advertising develops as well. Some experts claim that a 7-10% increase is possible. Despite the increase, potential clients do not want to increase their investments.

Users’ data

development search data
Advertisers want to pay for effective advertising, not for broadcasting time. In 2017, the Big Data system was introduced, which helps to synchronize advertising on TV with the Internet versions. It helps to find the most effective advertising for the target audience.

GPS data helps to track people and cameras help to identify a vehicle brand. It helps to target advertising messages for different categories of clients.

Therefore, Big Data is able to make advertising even more effective, so advertisers will invest in it.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising
The volume of mobile advertising increases. The reason is the increase in mobile traffic and the popularity of social networks. Today, it is more effective to include video and native advertising in mobile versions of websites and applications.

With the growth in popularity of social networks, advertisers get more possibilities. Advertisers cooperate with celebrities and bloggers to advertise products, services, hotels, etc.

Attractive content

Attractive content
Advertisers found out that advertising medium is effective if the content is attractive for clients. Therefore, advertisers pay special attention to content.

Market growth

Market growth
The market for advertising grows. Moreover, many platforms and international companies tend to cooperate and creating a single network. This approach is a good option for clients since they can contact only one agency that will provide them with a ready product. Therefore, combinations of companies are expected.

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