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Creating a new website

Creation of something new is always thrilling. Creating a new website, a designer pays special attention to style. Style can be changed over the course of time. It happens with architecture and art as well, a design is no exception.

Technical restrictions

Designers should understand that there are also technical restrictions. First interfaces were not as good looking as modern ones.

The first versions of Mac OS were monochromatic with rectangle windows and primitive icons. With the development of technologies, designers’ possibilities were extended.

The next versions of Mac OS were colorful. The windows had a texture of brushed metal and icons became more attractive.

Technical innovations gave certain freedom to designers. It is enough to compare Windows XP and Vista. Transparent windows were introduced together with other features.

The design changed. Minimalism became popular. Many users like simple interface of Windows 8.


Many designers like the style, where everything is simple, with no extra details with the least possible amount of icons, fields, and elements. The palette of colors is not reached. Earlier, designers tried to achieve the effect of volume by adding shadows, using gradients. Nowadays all elements look “flat”. Developers focus on content and information they provide.

There are no doubts that style will be changed in future, as it was with architecture and art. Maybe modern tools are not enough for designers to create something they want.

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