Best CRM for small business

CRM systems for small business. How to choose.

«Sales Management» — is a complex, multifaceted concept, which, however, has not yet formed a common approach. Some experts see it as a management issue. Others believe that the management of sales — it is primarily the management of sales channels. Quite a lot of attention paid to the need to automate the process of interaction with customers, which is also referred to as sales management.

You have been looking for a great tool, a magic tool to make your business more profitable and organized. Thanks to a variety of IT companies developing new and useful products you have a very wide choice of best CRM for small business.

Let’s be honest, your company is all about sales, as any other and it is rather important to keep track of leads, data, clients, issues, and tasks. Obviously, launching a number of CRM systems was an answer to market demand and they did it rather well.

CRM systems for small business

The number one (according to volume of users in 2016) today is Salesforce – a cloud CRM that is called to make your customers love you more. The really helpful tool that saves your time and efforts, it is complex and heavy at the same time. The majority of features you will never use but is good to have. This would be a great match for medium-sized businesses.

Pipedrive has become really popular in the last few years, as it is easy to use, small and simple. User-friendly interface, comfortable panel – here you have all you need for your small business, middle-sized sales department. You can always check on the status of a lead, or deal, also there is no need to guess – you can always analyze the process and your funnel sale. Not that detailed in Salesforce, but good enough.

AmoCRM was created upon a deep market research by Q-Soft Company.

This CRM software registers incoming calls, emails, different web forms you use and online chats to help manage and convert leads into closed deals. Might become your magic stick when it comes to various sales sources and big amount of data. Every little important detail on your desktop and it is all online.

You can compare some key features:

Salesforce Pipedrive Amo CRM
Price $150/user per month fully featured $12/user month fully featured $25/user month advanced features
Better for 20+ people sales departments Small businesses, 3 – 9 people sales departments middle-sized sales departments
Good at Collection of add-ons & integrations. It can be also built-into your system. Good for following sales channels. Ability to customize a dashboard (within given features).
Mobile functionality IOS&Android IOS&Android IOS&Android
Ease of use complicated easy medium

These are only few out of hundreds and most of CRM systems today have similar features and optional, but vary in design and details. It is also important to mention, that each of them have a free version with a limited optional.

Best CRM for small business

There is only one problem – small business crm systems are all created to be sold to a big number of users and, as you know, generality is not your best friend in business. If you are on a long run and your business is supposed to scale in future, it is reasonable to think about developing your own CRM to meet all smallest requirements and peculiarities. Most of experienced web agencies provide this kind of services; Developers Company is not an exception.

Where to start?

First of all, if you read this article – you have most probably realized your needs. Take a shot – contact your trusted web agency to start building a plan for your CRM. They will probably need some time to study your case and business processes. Get ready and write a clear step-by-step instruction, list of features you might need for your database, do not be modest and try to mention every little detail – you are going to use this tool to make your business work better.

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