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PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages in the world. It has become even more popular now when developers have to build really complicated and large websites and apps. Tasks become more difficult, clients more demanding, developers need to find more and more ways to save time and efforts; simplify and optimize the coding process. That is where frameworks come from.

Best PHP framework for beginners

Frameworks are a set of tools and conventions, built to make you able to rapidly develop websites and applications. They give you ways to use classes to model the data in your database. If you have just basic knowledge of PHP, the best solution for you would be starting from really simple, clear and secure framework like most popular web development Frameworks CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, or Laravel.

The last one is actually the most beginner-friendly.

Laravel — it is stylish clean framework for development, it is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license. This framework can actually help a lot and save you from chaotic spaghetti code, creating beautiful web applications with simple and expressive syntax. We all agree that development should be fun.

Another PHP framework, you might think. Maybe, but let us take a look at Laravel closer.

This is a quit young framework created in 2011. Uses PHP 5.3. Having a great community and lots of forks, it already matured to version 3.0.

If you look at its fairly good documentation, you would find parallels with one well-known framework. (Try to guess which one) Laravel itself actually performs a kind of essence from multiple frameworks. It possesses a repository with a large amount of bundles, > The Eloquent ORM< — ActiveRecord ORM, can build connections ( many to many, one to many, one to one ), Environments — depending on the domain can upload certain configuration files, Class Autoloading — well, you can override the configuration file in any system class. These are few out of tens of benefits. And since it is better to try once than to hear thousands of times – you can download Laravel here

What can you do with Laravel

Any modern website suitable for the small and large scale projects can be done using Laravel. This is not only about landing pages, or corporate websites (where PHP is actually of no need at all), but also social nets, auctions, password manager, monitoring tool and much more is possible with solid knowledge of Laravel framework.

Take a look at some really catching websites, where it is used:

Laravel built service Cachet can help solve problems of slowing down your website, improperly functioning, unknown errors. It gives you an attractive status page used to check what services are performing correctly and optimally and which ones need to be improved.

of course, you understand, that this is a CMS and since this is a large and module populated CMS with a big amount of features and peculiarities, it will be better to browse the home page to learn more. Take a shot; maybe this is going to be your next opening. is an American Truck company website with an inbuilt calculator, where you can order delivery of any kind of car and have a ready cost estimation done just in few clicks. Clean design, user-friendly interface, and a clear sitemap – all created in Laravel. you will get the whole idea watching a video on the homepage. Everyone is welcome to join the walking community, the app is free and supported by donations, it is also available on both IOS and Android. this is a helpful tool for those who decide to have a rest in Greece. A destination manager will make your journey easier and more organized. You can really see how smooth the browsing is thanks to Laravel on this website.

Larevel is a framework with a bright future

Well, now you can rate the quality and benefits of secure and powerful Laravel framework and maybe you will even decide to start developing it. Developers Company team is already totally amazed and convinced to use Laravel in our daily work (you may check and most of the projects, especially such complicated as different social nets and auctions are being developed in Laravel as well. We truly believe that more and more PHP developers will become Laravel evangelists just because of few simple reasons, which prove its dominance:

  • simple customization process
  • secure pre-enables tools
  • separate model files for SQL code
  • easy to use approach to routing
  • any application logic may be implemented with the use of controllers.

We are open to share more with you or show what is possible with Laravel – feel free to contact us.

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