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Adventures of Laravel

Before choosing a technical solution or development, you need to be very well informed in order to make an informed choice. Despite the fact that now we live in an oversaturated information world, you can always get expertise in the technical environment from experienced IT professionals. Based on the experience of our technical specialists, we wrote this article.

What is Laravel?



Laravel is an open-source, PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It was created because the prevailing framework at the time, CodeIgniter, lacked important functions like user authentication and authorization.

Laravel is one of the three most popular PHP frameworks, including Symfony and Yii.


They all have their advantages, but the popularity graph over the past 12 months around the world shows Laravel to be in the lead.

Its popularity is confirmed even by the fact that Laravel is used by huge global companies. Such as:


With over 150 million users active on this social media platform, 9GAG has impressive loading speed and website performance thanks to Laravel.


It looks like the BBC is leaning towards using Laravel for website development. All of their websites and media feeds use Laravel as their development environment.


As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer is committed to providing the reliable system needed to keep its applications running smoothly. An in-depth study of their application revealed the fact that they are also deploying Laravel as one of their primary platforms for running and operating the AWS platform.


What are the main benefits of Laravel Framework for business?

Laravel has huge advantages over other seemingly alternatives. Such as Woocommerce, Magento or Shopify.

But only a non-specialist can compare them, because you immediately need to understand that Laravel is a framework and everything else is a CMS system. The main difference is that the well-defined architecture of the CMS is not customizable. If you do this, the project will not be able to update the kernel, which is bad. There are always holes in the content management system and are being closed by updates.Therefore, customized sites on Drupal and other CMS become more vulnerable and imperfect. If you make, for example, an online store on opencart, using standard features, everything will work properly.

When working with the Framework, we ourselves set the architecture of the project, depending on the tasks. In doing so, we use built-in functions that are not “afraid” of updates. Creating a website in Laravel ensures that the customer does not suffer from new versions.


Magento is “heavy” and expensive, most of the modules are paid, the rest are more vulnerable to a custom project, since they are open source.

Shopify does not provide extensive options for project customization as it is an extensive service.

Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin, so the comparison doesn’t make sense.

However, all of the listed content management systems may prove to be more useful / suitable for certain tasks. It is necessary to separately assess the pros and cons for each project.

Laravel is good for business because it has the following advantages:


Development speed

Today, every business is looking for the fastest way to introduce new technologies in order to stay afloat and successfully compete in the IT-technology market. Using Laravel will greatly speed up the production process and bring your ideas to life in no time.


Your project can be translated very easily and quickly into many languages.

Friendly code

When working with Laravel, programmers try to create code that is understandable to other programmers. Therefore, do not worry if you change the company – the contractor or your full-time programmer will change. New specialists will understand the code and solve the necessary tasks.


If the database is created on the basis of Laravel, then it is almost impossible to get unauthorized access to it. Your site will be reliably protected from various attacks.

Especially if you have a healthcare website you need to use the technology of high level of security. Because you save a lot of private information about your patients.

Regular updates

The source code of the framework is constantly updated to meet the requirements of programmers and PHP updates. Recent releases address previously discovered issues, making development with Laravel even easier.

 Excellent Traffic Management

Load balancing is one of the toughest challenges. As the popularity of a business grows, the volume of traffic from a particular site increases.

Sometimes the total load exceeds the allocated bandwidth and therefore the website inevitably crashes. This is not only difficult to maintain, but also creates additional problems. While flexibility is difficult for most developers, those using Laravel use a queuing system for load balancing, which eliminates the possibility of system crashes.

Large and friendly community

Many frameworks tend to have a large and tight community, and Laravel is no exception. The framework developers are friendly and respectful of their product community. Therefore, if you decide to use Laravel in your technical solution, then you do not have to worry that when you change the team or company with which you work on outsourcing, you will not be able to find a person who can make any changes or fix an error. There are a lot of talented guys who love and know Laravel around the world. Therefore, you will always have support.


What Laravel is best for?

This framework is flexible enough to solve non-standard tasks, has extensive functionality for building a good architecture, RESTful routing, and caching. Laravel was the first to use the PSR-4 standard, which makes it possible to structure a site in accordance with its own logic and site development goals. The pluses also include a proprietary engine for Blade. Also, we can say with confidence that the Laravel Framework is perfect:

  1. To create personal projects;
  2. For corporate resources;
  3. To develop startups.

Also, experts recommend choosing Laravel in cases where there are increased requirements for interactivity and user-friendliness of interfaces.


How much should I Pay?

Speaking of the demographic nuances of IT companies’ work it is no secret that the lowest prices of development you can find in India and in Eastern Europe, namely in Ukraine.

Although it is economically more economical in Ukraine it is cheaper than in Western Europe or the US, but the quality of work is not often lower than that of its colleagues from other richer countries. In Ukraine now the development of the IT industry is welcomed at the political level therefore all conditions are created for IT specialists to live and develop in Ukraine and not emigrate abroad.

Simply put, There are a number of factors that contribute to the final price of Laravel website design and development. Factors such as developers’ experience level, designer experience, and the number of hours your Laravel website development project requires. 

Therefore, approximately in an hour, you can count on the following rates from Laravel developers (middle level developers):

In Ukraine – $30-35/ per hour

In Western Europe – $70-80/per hour

In USA – $100 dollars /per hour

Some customers were reluctant to contact Ukrainian companies because of communication problems because they thought that Ukrainian developers did not teach and did not know English. But now we can say with confidence that the trend has positive changes and already the majority of developers in Ukrainian IT know English and are fluent in it.

Therefore, Rivo Agnecy, as a Larval development company in Ukraine, will be happy to talk to you and help you technically transform your business.

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