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TOP-6 Technology Trends in Retail Sector Need To Watch in 2022

The world is changing very dynamically. And this applies to almost all areas of human life. In recent years, information technology and the pandemic have become the main drivers of change. The development of the two processes has led to many changes in people's needs and in their consumer journey.

The pandemic has forced many to rethink their lives. Be more careful about yourself, your health and the health of your loved ones.

Therefore, people began to bother with what they buy, what they spend and how much of their money.

As a consequence, people began to make purchases more rationally and began to buy more in the “for health” sector.

Based on this, in 2022 we can expect the prosperity of 7 trends in the global retail sector, which we will now talk about.

Be aware to be the first.



Since their inception, augmented reality and virtual reality have begun to be very actively introduced into the daily life of people and businesses.

These technologies have sparked interest not only among smartphone users, but also among new and existing businesses, prompting entrepreneurs and marketers to consider investing in AR / VR app development. Technology has revolutionized the corporate sector in recent years. In the coming years, the development of AR / VR technologies will force every entrepreneur to turn to specialists and enter this field in order to get a large share of the expected profit. At the end of 2020, the international immersive technology market was estimated at $ 6.1 billion. By 2025, virtual helmets are expected to be as widespread as smartphones are today. Marketers study trends and incorporate them into their strategies. There are many trends, some are being replaced by others. But there are global trends – megatrends that change the lifestyle of people and affect business. Megatrends are interconnected and entail environmental, social and economic changes.

We believe that augmented and virtual reality will indeed take a very prominent place in the development of retail around the world.

Read more about trends in AR / VR in our article on the website


Smart Home Devices


The rise of smart home gadgets in 2022 is predicted to grow to $ 53 billion.

Statista estimates there will be over 52.2 million smart homes in the United States in 2021, up 10% from 2020. Given how important smart homes are to our health, safety and convenience, this trend is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Artificial intelligence fills all square meters and makes the house a real helper in everyday life for a person.

Artificial intelligence – also considered a fast growing trend in 2022

Artificial intelligence devices such as voice assistants are staples in the home technology industry, and they allow you to set a timer or turn off the lights as easily as a simple voice command. Refrigerators that track the contents and create a shopping list for you every week. Mirrors that contain workout videos and can criticize your face and body. Ovens that you can turn on and off with your voice. Artificial intelligence has changed the common parts of the human home in many ways, allowing people to interact with their home like never before.

In the future, AI and IoT devices will become much more common in every room of the house. Home buyers and sellers should expect significant growth in smart kitchens and even smart bathrooms in the coming years, which means that those who take the time to modernize their products will have a huge number of customers worldwide and profit margins.




Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology is simply a digital database that keeps track of digital events and transactions. These time-stamped transactions, whether it’s a payment or a manufacturing method, are held within tons of different networks or computers, which rely on each other for transparency and security. 

Multiple accounts verify each transaction that uses blockchain technology, and once it’s in the system, it can’t be erased.


Cash-free Shopping

Predictions by Mastercard show that 74% of buyers are not going to return to cash. The simplicity and ease of purchase that it offers to shoppers helps the business to compete with online again. 

There are also social problems associated with this. After all, many elderly people who are unusual to use non-cash payments may not become, or may cease to be your customers. This will alienate them with all their love and desire for your product.

But a well thought out plan that allows for as many payment types as possible and does it quickly can help you stay competitive with the world’s latest retail products used by your competitors.

Loyalty Apps & Technology

Consumers quickly switched their buying behavior from real to digital. And while offline shopping is also flourishing,

online sales will continue to grow. It is much cheaper to retain an existing customer than it is to convince a new one to shop with them. This is why loyalty apps are so popular right now.

The best loyalty apps not only encourage customers to stay with you, they also make them spend even more than regular customers who don’t use a loyalty program.

Online Marketplaces

Supermarkets on the Internet – in other words, marketplaces offer products from a wide variety of vendors – and like the rest of the retail technology industry, this sector continues to grow. Companies like Amazon, eBay and Etsy are making record profits. Sales on Etsy rose 144% to $ 2.9 billion in the first three months of 2021, while Reverb’s revenue grew 141% over the same period. Zellebrate is one of the most innovative new online marketplaces that harnesses the power of the Internet to increase sales both in online stores and in large retail stores large and small. Customers can browse the site and then click to show them where to find it, locally or online – with special coupons and discounts on many products. Working with online marketplaces can help increase your retail market share with little effort on your part, so expect to see more innovations such as Zellebrate

In conclusion

Technology has greatly influenced the development of retail services around the world. Developers from all over the world come up with solutions that will make the retail sector more convenient and easier to use. Thus, helping to improve service and increase sales.
The huge impact of trends and technologies can no longer be ignored. Since it is a strong competitive advantage.
Do you want to be ahead of the competition? We will be happy to help you


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