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TOP 8 Biggest WordPress Myths That Can Stop You

More and more often in the business world it is said that WordPress has outlived its usefulness and that you need to turn to the developers for something “more serious”. More and more, only those who have small projects use WordPress. But is this really correct? And is WordPress really that bad? Let's figure it out.

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#1 Myth - WordPress is exclusively for small projects

Many people have the misconception that WordPress is only suitable for small businesses and is not used by serious companies.
They use it, and much. WordPress is a versatile system that will work great for any business, no matter the size.
Perhaps for some lines of business you will need a site that solves specific problems, but large companies, as a rule, have many sites, including blogs. And in this case, using WordPress is more than justified. WordPress is used by Walt Disney, the world’s media and a number of major universities, which testifies to the flexibility and convenience of the system.

See for yourself

#2 Myth Wordpress is a bad tool for e-commerce projects

It is even difficult for some to imagine that you can use WordPress to create an e-commerce store.
But already, the WordPress community has seen an influx of countless WordPress eCommerce frameworks and plugins that make it easy to build an ecommerce store. Currently, you can create a fully functional WordPress eCommerce site using plugins such as Woocommerce, WP ecommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads.
The best part is that WordPress is easy to set up and use as an online store. In fact, most custom CMSs built specifically for ecommerce cannot compete with WordPress as it stands. WordPress ecommerce website builder? Who would have thought. But it’s true.

Take a look at these online stores:

#3 Myth WordPress is not beautiful


And this is only the minimum of how many large and beautiful sites are on WordPress.
Aren’t they attractive?


#4 Myth WordPress is not secure

But then again, which software is 100% reliable? Hackers will try to exploit the slightest vulnerability in any software, not just WordPress. WordPress is a fairly popular platform and therefore it attracts attack after attack only because of its high volume and not because it is susceptible to security breaches.
If it weren’t for the kernel and security updates that the platform receives regularly, the Internet would be a nightmare at this moment. People would lose their sites left, right and center in a day. The losses would be enormous. But it’s been over a decade since WordPress came online, and it’s getting bigger, better, and safer every day. The contributions of the huge WordPress community leverage our beloved CMS one update at a time.

#5 Myth WordPress doesn't keep high traffic

Some entrepreneurs honestly think that WordPress sites do a poor job of handling large influx of users. Therefore, WordPress is not suitable for huge user traffic. But this is not the case.
In fact, sites are crashing not because they are made on the basis of WordPress, but because of various technical problems, for example, with hosting.
In order not to experience problems with security and performance, you just need to host the site on a reliable and well-protected server. Also, don’t forget about the flexibility of WordPress. The system allows you to quickly restore the site after the problems caused by the influx of visitors.
WordPress is great at handling traffic, as proven by the huge audiences TechCrunch and Forbes. And pay attention. Well-known and large information resources use WordPress. Is this not a reason to reconsider your attitude towards him?

#6 Myth Wordpress is bad for SEO Optimization

Oh, this is probably one of the biggest misconceptions. Because WordPress is just right for SEO optimization.
The myth exists because most web developers only rely on WordPress to optimize their websites.
In fact, WordPress claims to be “immediately search engine optimized.” It makes it easy for you to add and customize your content so that it performs well in search results.
WordPress is incredibly SEO friendly.

Likewise, ecommerce marketers using WordPress can use its SEO-optimized WooCommerce plugin, which is designed to boost store rankings. Compared to Shopify, WooCommerce is more flexible and free installation (open source software).


#7 Myth. Wordpress doesn’t provide enough support

This is a misconception. And you could be missing out on the benefits that this great content management system provides. WordPress has been around for a long time, years of hard work by many web developers, and it would be surprising if they left this issue unaddressed. The WordPress creators have gone to great lengths to make the process of building and maintaining a website as easy as possible.
Yes, the user has no way to call tech support and report a problem. But there are a huge number of forums and online communities that will provide support, and completely free of charge. Most of the problems associated with the work of sites on WordPress have long been resolved, all the necessary data is freely available.


#8 Myth is not mobile friendly

If you believe this myth, then it usually has to do with the fact that you must have had a bad experience using the WordPress website on your phone or tablet. This can happen in cases where the theme’s layout is not mobile responsive, which site owners need to take care of.

The theme’s features are independent of WordPress. Therefore, when choosing yours, you should choose one that has a responsive design. This will allow it to work well on mobile devices and be attractive to your customers.

There are also several optimizations under the hood of WordPress related to good mobile performance. For example, the built-in layout editor adapts to your content based on the user’s viewing options.


In conclusion

We can say with confidence that WordPress has definitely not outlived its usefulness. Simply put, WordPress is exactly the CMS you’ve been looking for. But if you need more persuasion, let us know about any myths you run into. We will be happy to debunk them.
With the correct construction of the goal, WordPress can become even better solutions than systems that are more expensive and “abruptly”.
Experienced WordPress developers under the guidance of a professional project manager will create candy for you.
Therefore, if you want to discover all the advantages of WordPress, we will be happy to help you.


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