Digital marketing trends

Digital marketing is a great way for small companies to increase their incoming rate fast, without spending too much money and resources. Also, it is important to understand modern trends, in order to develop a good strategy.

Generation Z

Generation Z is used to describe people who were born after 1995. They use smartphones often, like to listen to music and prefer short videos.

Representatives of the generation often use social networks and messengers, like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube.

The main sources of information about brands are social networks, where they spend a big part of their time. Moreover, they pay attention to brand and its popularity. That is why the iPhone is so popular among them.

The generation Z, as a rule, wants more than they can afford. It is necessary to help them find right what they need. Since their purchasing power is not high, they value companies, which are ready to offer discounts of free shipping. They prefer smartphones when it comes to devices.

Selling via social networks

This trend is a feature of the Asian region, where users buy products via social networks. It is especially convenient since more and more people use mobile devices.

A person can use social networks and buy products they need simultaneously. However, it is necessary to offer users a high level of security. In the future, social networks may become not only a place for communication but for buying and sharing information on products. Combining the social and commercial parts may yield a very powerful impulse.

Instagram uses the feature. The company implemented a function that helps get more information about a product via a special tag “tap to view”.

Sports events

Users prefer to watch those events online via their mobile devices.

More than a half of users watch sports events with help of their mobile devices.

Investment amount increases. More and more people prefer online streams, moreover, many users publish their posts on Twitter during a sports event.


Africa is leading when it comes to mobile payment. More than 40% of users from Kenya pay online only. Therefore, a person does not need a bank account. It is necessary to mention that about 40% of users in Africa access the internet via mobile devices.

Another feature of African users is that they have fewer accounts in social networks. It may be an example of behavior in future – use fewer accounts. Therefore, new social networks would not be able to compete with popular ones.

Mobile payment

The amount of mobile payment increases. The leaders are Alipay and Apple Pay. The companies understood what people need and offered an efficient solution (it is necessary to pay attention to well-timed implementation of the solution).

The market of the Asian region develops very fast. Many large companies become a part of the market.

Social networks and music

Facebook pays special attention to copyright protection. In 2017, Facebook acquired a start-up project — Source3. This solution helps to protect music from unauthorized distribution.

Musicians use social networks to communicate with their fans, so music is an important part of any social network.

About 63% of users listen to music via streaming services. Moreover, a big amount of users listens to music without downloading it.

Celebrities’ opinion

Sometimes, celebrities publish posts where they propose people buy or try a product, service or visit a certain place. This approach can be very effective, users are tired of endless contextual advertisement. Some users want to know celebrities’ opinion before buying a product.

Many well-known brands cooperate with popular bloggers. It increases selling rates.

However, certain users do not trust this kind of advertising.

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