E-commerce trends

E-commerce applications become more and more popular. People prefer to use e-commerce applications for buying products online. It is fast and sometimes cheaper. Understanding of trends will be your advantage over competitors. The trends will also help you offer efficient solutions.

Here are some trends of e-commerce

  • Mobile application

The amount of people who use mobile devices increases. People use them quite often to access online shops. Consequently, it is necessary to offer solutions, which are perfect for mobile devices users. Experts state that mobile traffic will increase 8 times by 2020.

  • Product personalization

Some clients want something unique. A successful solution is to offer clients many options. Some shops let clients “customize” clothing, for example, change sleeves colors.

The website lenskart went further. They released an application where you can put on glasses and see how you will look in real-time. The application became very popular. Clients could not touch a product, but at least they could see how they would look. The augmented reality technology is able to help you create a successful e-commerce application.

  • Product searching

E commerce trends Product-searching
Analysis of clients’ data can be extremely useful. Analyzing data of visited pages, you can understand what a person was looking for. Therefore, an online shop can offer a product that a person needs. The data can be used for email marketing.

  • Bots

E commerce trends
Bots are used for executing simple tasks, like answering questions. A bot can help a person to find the necessary product or model by analyzing client’s desires. There are “smart” bots as well. For example, eBay uses a bot that is able to recognize human speech and offer necessary products.

  • Delivery

Clients do not want to wait too long. More than 95% of clients want to get the product within 24 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to delivery, since it is very important for building trust between clients and a shop.

  • One network for all shops

Many users would like to have one shop where they could find anything they need. The approach is very attractive, but it requires cooperation of many shops

  • Video review

E commerce trends Video review
E-commerce applications exclude the possibility of “touching” the product. It is possible to use video reviews to solve the problem. A detailed video review can help client decide. It is necessary to mention that a video review increases the chances of buying.

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