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Bitcoin’s future: crash or growth?

Сrypto currency today

Today, bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin became a phenomenon, which is known not within the internet only. Nevertheless, crypto currency experiences some technical difficulties.

There were troubles with activation of SegWit system and Lightning Network was not able to solve the problem with CBOE futures. Therefore, more than 200000 transactions were hung.

Payment commissions increased a lot. Starting from 20 cents, commissions were increased up to $20. As a result, the biggest network of video games and software distribution – Steam decided not to accept bitcoin.

Some experts state that high speculative demand will lead to technical collapse, which will result in investors’ tactics changing. It may become a reason for the global price correction. If it happens, then the bitcoin price will be decreased to $3300. That is the price when the currency started to experience “speculative bubbling”.

Nevertheless, other currencies may become more popular:

Monero, because of its popularity

ETH that let’s create tokens with Waves prices

DASH, because of its decentralized system

A great number of original cryptocurrency forks will lose their popularity and people stop using them.

Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the technology demand. Technologies may become more important than speculative demand. An impact for bitcoin may become the solution to all technical difficulties. It will make the currency more popular among investors and its price will reach $100000. Many experts claim that this price is real.

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