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Logistics and distribution are the spheres that grow rapidly and among the industries that strongly rely on quality IT solutions to develop business much faster.


How technologies are changing the future of logistics and distribution?

How technologies are changing the future of logistics and distribution? How technologies are changing the future of logistics and distribution?
Difficulties in these industries are encountered in the transport and tracking of goods, in communication with customers, and with warehouses. The implementation of IT solutions is a modern, effective tool for solving problems in building business processes. In case IT solutions are not introduced to the logistics and distribution businesses, even in the initial stages, it might work slowly and be ineffective. That in turn will lead to the non-fulfillment of the obligations to consumers. Regarding numerous logistics and distribution companies on the market, companies that do not follow major technological trends risk becoming uncompetitive.

The main benefits of using Software on your business

The wide range of advantages of digital products brings only benefits to the businesses and their owners and literary make them prosperous.
  • Profitability improvement

    Custom software for logistics and distribution delivers efficiency, speed, and automation. That means that the owner doesn't need to use extra resources, the digital product will manage everything and that, in turn, will increase the profitability.
  • Less risk of error

    Because of automatization, the digital products for logistics and distribution exclude the human factor and perform the job according to the programmed algorithms. In this way, all the work becomes faster and decreases the number of possible errors.
  • Greater control and efficiency

    Upon implementation of the digital solution that we will provide, you will witness the first advantage in greater control over the logistics operations currently undergoing in your business. This will help you to efficiently and effectively manage the delivery of your goods and manage all the processes in the company much easier.
  • Time saving

    When you start using the digital product created for your business, most of the processes will be handled by the system itself. You can provide all the work right in your software, like signing the documents and assigning the tasks. So, that speeds up the work and saves your time relatively.
  • Freight management improvement

    The use of specialized software allows you to improve your freight management, which reduces the time you’d spend trying to do that manually. You can control, delegate and track all the work inside like delivery, selling, and so on in a much faster and more effective way and that brings your company to a higher league.
  • Decreasing Human Factor

    Manual analysis and coordination are extremely time- and effort-consuming tasks when it goes to the logistics and distribution spheres, thus they are prone to a certain number of human errors. The specialized software will do all the data processing in a short time without any chances of human errors. It will also push the working processes forward without making any delay.
Digital solutions are a crucial investment now

For logistics and distribution businesses we provide

  • For logistics and distribution businesses we provide

    CRM systems

  • For logistics and distribution businesses we provide

    Vehicle tracking software

  • For logistics and distribution businesses we provide

    Warehouse management systems

  • For logistics and distribution businesses we provide

    Legacy software modernization services

  • For logistics and distribution businesses we provide

    Real time reports

  • For logistics and distribution businesses we provide

    Geospatial and navigation software

  • For logistics and distribution businesses we provide

    Integrated logistics

  • For logistics and distribution businesses we provide

    Data analytics

Why choosing us?

  • Profound technical expertise

    Our team of real professionals that have gone through water and fire in such spheres as logistics and distribution. RIVO AGENCY has successfully completed several projects in that spheres and our devs already know how to deal with them. We have a wide range of experience and deep knowledge of different technologies and which allow us to find the most effective and profitable solutions for clients.
  • Customer support

    With multiple routes, different modes of transport, and strict customs regulations, your business may face some serious pressure trying to find the most efficient working methods. We will analyze all the factors that affect the development of your company and offer individual solutions that will help to minimize the problems in your business. Moreover, we will support you while developing your digital product and help you to master it.
  • Proper communication

    We understand the value that communication brings to the successful release of the end product. Having dozens of satisfied clients around the globe, we know how to deal with the time zone nuances and stay flexible. We always listen to our client's needs, support them while making decisions, and provide the products that would exactly meet the business needs. Proper communication with customers brings great results and we understand that.
If you are interested in partnership with us, request a free consultation on your project and our experts will provide you with all the details within the shortest time period.
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