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Technology is being introduced in all areas of human life and activity.

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Why are IT solutions important for the real estate industry?

Why are IT solutions important for the real estate industry?
Why are IT solutions important for the real estate industry? Why are IT solutions important for the real estate industry?
Nowadays we can't imagine some businesses without technological solutions. The real estate industry is no exception, and if not all your competitors use technological solutions in their businesses you’d better not wait. If you want to be a leader in your industry you should consider using software development because here’s what a global real estate analyst says about this in numbers: $ 12.1 B Real Estate market will be evaluated in 2025. 41% of buyers and 59% of sellers will buy or rent a property without a visit. More than 50% buyers or sellers would close real estate deals electronically.

How does technology help in real estate?

How does technology help in real estate?
Rivo Agency understands the needs of the real estate and construction sector better than anyone else and deals with all the nuances and unforeseen circumstances encountered in daily business activities processes, deliver much-needed benefits to customers around the world, such as:
  • Automates tedious tasks

    Last but not least, real estate software solutions automate all the business operations while making real estate management a hassle-free task. As evident from the above, real estate software solutions makes it easy to handle your advertising, property listings, and lead management.
  • Attracting new customers

    With real estate software and apps, you can effectively engage your users by offering them property suggestions, investment ideas, and home tours while they relax at their homes. Not only that, but with dedicated auction apps, and locality view software the users can even get an idea of the latest auctions and nearby areas of their properties.
  • Offers latest market insights

    Another great benefit of investing in real estate software development is getting the latest market insights. We all know that the real estate industry is a customer-centric sector that directly deals with satisfying customer needs. In such a scenario, it becomes important to know what is trending in the market that is driving the customer’s retention.
  • Improved conversion

    It is no surprise that leads conversion is one of the most critical aspects of the real estate industry. Property listings, online auctions, and even personalized services all types of strategies that are only meant for enhancing the conversion rates.
  • Social advertising made easy

    Advertising your brand in the market has become the most crucial and tedious task in today’s competitive era. People try out different methods like hoardings, banners, pamphlets, and even visiting cards to market their brand. Furthermore, in today’s digital world, activities like Google campaigns, social media sharing, and AdWords have also taken some prominent places in marketing a brand.
  • Tracks the complete sales cycle

    Tracking the sales cycle is also one of the prominent tasks that realtors find difficult to manage. Keeping the track of all the chats and messages right from the prospect stage to the final conversion is somewhat difficult to manage. But, things are much different today when marketers are heavily investing in real estate software development.
Nowadays IT - solutions for businesses it's a necessary investment

Our key innovations for real estate software solutions include:

Our key innovations for real estate software solutions include:
  • CRM and ERP Platform Development

  • Cloud - based Database Solutions

  • Mobile Web Development

  • Custom Real Estate Solutions

  • AR/VR

  • Multiple listing services

  • Custom booking listing

  • Property Management Platform


Why choosing us?

Why choosing us?
  • Profound technical expertise

    We have collaborated with clients from the US and Europe and helped them find the right solutions for their real estate needs. We’ve developed mobile apps for the real estate agents, property management platforms, and self-guided solutions. We have been working with property owners for a long time. That helped us to have a deep understanding of market problems and to find solutions to them.
  • Customer support

    We’d like you to feel us as a part of your team. Our team keeps in touch, follows up with you, and constantly gives you updates on the progress of your property management programs. We are a part of the global business market as well, so we must also be competitive. We consider the quality of the work performed and the excellent communication with the clients as the main criteria of competitiveness.
  • Constant communication

    We understand the value that communication brings to the successful release of the end-product. Having dozens of satisfied clients around the globe, we know how to deal with the time zone nuances and stay flexible. As a result you will get a powerful, elegant and smooth product filled with features you need.
If you are interested in partnership with us, request a free consultation on real estate development, and our experts will provide you with all the details within the shortest time period.
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