Fast page loading with AMP Google

Fast page loading with AMP Google solution helps to decrease the time of mobile page downloading. This is especially important since the most part of users leave a page because it takes too much time to load. AMP Google can decrease the loading time to 1 second, even if the connection speed is poor.

AMP Google stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. It downloads the most important elements. A user will the necessary information without downloading anything else. AMP Google is able to exclude about 90% of the code, that takes too much time to load.

It is great, that AMP Google supports the most popular browsers, like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Moreover, it supports many popular platforms, like VK, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Visual part

AMP Google Visual part
AMP Google repeats the visual part of the “full version” of a website. The point is what a browser gets. A lightning icon near an address means that the page uses AMP Google.

AMP Google and projects

AMP Google and projects
AMP Google is a perfect option for news websites, where speed is a crucial advantage. Many people use mobile devices to access the internet, so AMP Google became very popular.

Nevertheless, developers work on a special version of AMP Google, which is able to work with online shops. A user can change parameters, compare products and buy something on pages that use this technology. Fast working for an online shop is very important since many clients leave the page because they have to wait too long. AMP Google helps to load the main list of products very fast, so a person can check the list without buying anything.


The main advantage of AMP Google is a high speed of page loading. All resources are loaded asynchronously and the page itself loads with help of caching. Elements do not “jump” across the page, because the page is rendered before content loading.

Decreasing of data is possible because of:

  • Only the most important part of HTML code is preserved
  • Using of JavaScript is decreased to minimum
  • User CSSs are not supported

AMP Google pages can still use advertising blocks and analytics elements.

Global cache

AMP Google Global cache
AMP Google technology lets download data from the places closest to a user

Using of AMP Google

Using of AMP Google
It is necessary to introduce a couple of changes in order to use AMP Google. It is necessary to change HTML code, so browsers could use the AMP Google version of a website. To do this, it is necessary to:

  • Create a file and link it to the main content via a link (the main content tag)
  • If you already have a page and you want to create an AMP Google version of it, then you need to link an AMP Google page with the main one, defining it as a main one
  • If you create a new AMP Google page, then you need to use an AMP Google link in the same page (a link to itself), defining the page as the main one

Loading time is very important since many users leave a website because they have to wait. The AMP Google solution is able to make people stay. In any case, this solution deserves special attention.

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