How to choose a web developer

web developer

There are many IT companies. The number of the companies grows very fast. There are many professional companies, which offer high-quality solutions. However, there are companies, which provide poor-quality solutions. How to choose a reliable company? It is necessary to pay attention to certain factors.

Development quality

It is necessary to check developer’s portfolio to estimate their professional level. As a rule, companies publish examples of their projects. Pay attention to the style of the latest websites, they should look modern. It is a good idea to contact representatives of a company and ask them to provide you with a list of the biggest projects. It would be perfect if they have websites with a big amount of visitors.


It is hard to check. Ask representative how much time they need to create a website and what difficulties may arise. Professional companies will provide you with a detailed plan, composed according to your technical requirements.


First, you need to understand what is included in your budget. Some companies may include services, which will greatly increase the development price. It is necessary to determine what development tools will be used and how they affect the project price.


It is necessary to specify the price of the project. Quite often, companies are not able to tell the exact price. Usually, they specify a range. If the price is acceptable for you – move on, if not – ask what a company offers within your budget.


Good managers are always polite offering different ways of problems solution. A professional team works clear. A client is always able to contact a company and ask how the process of website creation is going on.


Professional companies always guarantee their client’s reliable performance. The companies have quality assurance departments, which test websites for performance error. Sometimes, errors may happen after. Professional companies fix everything if it happens within the warranty period.

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