JavaScript trends

JavaScript is still one of the most popular programming languages. New ways and methods of task solving appear. Successful and efficient ways of tasks solving are the key to success. In 2017, new technologies need your attention.

Babili (babel-minify)

Babili is a minification tool released in 2016. It is compatible with ES6+, which is based on the Babel infrastructure.

Babili has an advantage – module structure, and, as a result, flexibility. Moreover, Babili supports code optimizations, which are specific to ES2015+.


TypeScript is used to make code readable. It simplifies the development process by highlighting mistakes when you write a code.


It is a powerful programming language, which is very popular among developers who use Haskell. The language supports literal description of objects. It has no a resource-consuming IDE. Moreover, it features a simple interface that facilitates the process of using libraries.


It is a React competitor. It is a fast and small library with numerous of useful functions, which help solve even the most challenging tasks.


The 3rd version got new features and enhancements. Many developers still use jQuery to solve different tasks.


Pixi.js is a perfect tool for those who use WebGL. This library is essential for developers who create games or 2D interfaces.


It is a small framework, which is built on the popular systems, like Ract, Webpack, and Babel. This framework greatly simplifies development and implementation of new applications, which are compiled on a server.


GraphQL is for those, who need to process large amount of data fast and efficient.

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