Link building with no links. The SEO trend

With SEO techniques, companies are struggling for a place at top of search websites. In order for the site to overtake competitors and to be ranked first in the search, it is necessary to clearly understand how this system works.

So, SEO promotion, and what it is?

To understand the meaning of this mysterious phrase, let’s ask ourselves a question. What task facing the search engine, for example, Google?
The answer is simple: — to show a person the result, that is as relevant to his request as it’s possible. To build the ranking of sites, relative to the query, the search engine uses a variety of ranking algorithms. Methods and ratings to determine which site responds to a query, and which one does not show at all. Quite recently, search output was dependent on PR. PageRank (page rank) — one of the algorithms of website ranking. The algorithm is applied to a collection of documents linked by hyperlinks. The page that is referenced most often has a higher PR score, so its rating will be higher in the search. But SEO technologies are developing rapidly, now a lot of additional factors have been added to PR, from the speed of page loading to the behavioral factors of visitors to the site. SEO promotion becomes a whole industry of marketing. Search engines know how people behave on the site, whether they like it or not.

User intent

Link building User intent
User intent is a relatively new SEO phenomenon. The idea is that an SEO optimizer has to understand why a user searches for something. Therefore, the most reliable answer can be chosen.

It is necessary to remember that a long answer does not satisfy a user in 100% of cases. In this case, the idea means. If searching engines, like Google and Yandex “understand” that a person found what they needed, the website will stay in top. Of course, algorithms of “satisfaction” calculations are secret. Nevertheless, a Yandex representative mentioned that a searching engine is “interested” in making a user coming back to the searching system. A user is expected to return with a new question.

You should analyze searching results regarding your sphere of activity. Pay attention to intents, which searching engines offer. If we enter “online shop design” in Google, we shall get a lot of results, and the resources in the top “satisfy” their own intents, like “examples of design”, “online shops trends”, “how to create an online shop on your own”. You should try to find your niche or combine several intents.

Searching results

The most popular searching engines compete with each other. The systems provide people with information as fast as possible since it is right what users won’t – find the answer as soon as possible. Therefore, Google, offers special elements, like tables, graphs, products, map places, translation right on its website without making a person need to open a new website. However, it is not the case when you should be discouraged. Searching engines gather information from other websites. That is right what you can use since the special elements still have links. The CTR rate of the links is twice the TOP-1 CTR rate. To make your website a part of the answers block, you need to add some articles to your website, like “how to make soup?” or “how to buy a suit?”. Use semantic annotation as well.

Create a Google My Business account. However, you need to pay a certain sum in order to access certain blocks, like Google Shopping.

Complex code and content

Searching engines rank higher websites with complex and unusual coding. The code has to be complex and texts should feature lists, images, diagrams, graphs, etc.

The code should combine complexity and sophistication. It is necessary to fill your website with interesting information, like articles, videos, and photos. It is necessary to check the LSI factor for the main keys, in order to check if they are present in texts.

Voice search

Voice search
Voice searching becomes more popular, because of a great number of solutions, like Siri, Cortana, and Google.

It is necessary to use long queries (3-5 words or even more). Moreover, it is necessary to include interrogative words and use a micro layout. This kind of queries comes from mobile devices, so you need to pay attention to a mobile version of your website. In this case, you will improve your website ranking a lot.


Searching engines still consider links, but the trend is to decrease the commercialization factor of links. Formerly, searching engines ranked links with anchors, like “buy a cheap phone in Kiev”. Then SEO specialists started used anchorless links, using words like “here”, “link”. In future, searching engines will consider the name of companies, even if the names are not anchors.

It is necessary to increase the volume of links, controlling its quality at the same time. At the same time, you need to consider what your competitors do. Try to see what they do. At the same time, some specialists recommend not to pay attention to the approach of links-free mentioning.

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