Manual and automated testing

Any project should be tested in order to find all errors. Professionals always offer high-quality product. Web-developers have to choose, what way they should use.

Automated testing

Automated testing
During automated testing programs and scripts are tested by repeating the same set of actions. Therefore, a testing program executes every script to check all components.

One of the most popular tools for web-applications testing is Selenium Web Driver IDE.

Advantages of automated testing:


Quality of automated testing is close to 99,9% since a program tests all possible variants.

Auto execution

Auto execution
Testing programs can be executed automatically, for example, when server load is low.


Complex projects require more time to test everything. According to statistic data, 3-8 QA engineers are required to replace one program for automated testing. Moreover, salary rate of a QA engineer may reach $25/hour. Using a program for automated testing, it is possible to cut costs.


Manual testing is always subjective. A program for automated testing always creates detailed logs for every category.


testing Functionality


TimePrograms for automated testing have many functions, which help test bandwidth, loading, and other parameters.
The tests may take some time, which may have a negative impact on deadlines.

UX testing

UX testing is impossible since a program just creates a log.


testing Limitations
Limitations are a consequence of the disadvantage mentioned above. A program for automated testing cannot test colors, gamma or usability.

Manual testing

Manual testing
Manual testing is carried by a person. This approach is perfect for small, short-term (up to 2 months) projects and a reasonable budget.

Engineers test all elements, like links and menus. They use several browsers (including mobile ones) to make sure everything is displayed correctly.


Low costs

testing Low costs
Such tests are not expensive at all.

UX testing

QA engineers are programmers. They understand how all elements of interface work. A person can also estimate the visual part.


testing Flexibility
Fast implementation and testing of a new function are one of the advantages of manual testing. It is more flexible than automated testing.

Unfortunately, some parameters cannot be tested manually, for example, server load.


testing Monotonicity
Repetitive actions are very monotonous, so a person can be tired very quickly.


testing Quality
Manual testing is not an option for large and complex projects. Time limitations can reduce the quality of testing.

In order to decide what kind of testing is perfect for your project. Try answering the questions:

  1. Is it a complex project with limited time?
  2. Do you need to platforms maintenance?

If you give at least one positive answer then you need to pay attention to automated testing. The best result can be achieved when both approaches are used.

Testing is crucial for commercial projects, like online-casinos or shops. Projects with high server loads need testing as well. Manual testing is good for small projects and personal websites.

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