Mobile applications development

Development of mobile devices lets implement new technologies and solutions. It is perfect for creating new trends in the sphere of mobile applications development. Understanding of the trends is crucial for success in the market of mobile software.


The blockchain is a technology that is able to guarantee a high class of data protection. The technology is used in the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. It helps to meet clients’ demands when they require safety. Usually, it is one of the most important factors.

Speaking about data protection, it is necessary to mention another trend – two-factor authentication, which is used in some popular applications.

Bots and artificial intelligence

Mobile applications development
Many companies use bots for executing simple tasks like helping clients or answering common questions.

Artificial intelligence differs from bots. Personal assistants, like Siri, is a perfect example of artificial intelligence. The difference between bots and artificial intelligence is that bots can perform non-complex tasks only.


development E commerce
Many e-commerce applications have appeared. The applications let buy something fast using a mobile device only. The process is very easy. A user chooses a product and presses “buy”, an application does the rest. However, it is necessary to consider protection requirements.


development Clouds
Clouds become more and more available. Users prefer to store their information in clouds, relying on their safety. Moreover, clouds make information available to its owner.

Augmented reality (AR)

development Augmented reality
It becomes popular very fast. The possibility of combining computer graphics with real-world attracts developers. The technology is very advantageous.


Performance of modern mobile devices helps game developers. Many games are downloaded from Google Play and Appstore.

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