Mobile applications myths

Mobile applications are incredibly promising. Understanding a task is crucial for a successful solution. It is impossible to solve a problem without understanding it. Developing an application, programmers use their experience and data. What will happen if data is wrong? – An error will occur and it may lead to unexpected results. If a developer understands what a client needs, then a developer is able to offer an efficient and useful solution.

Myth 1. Mobile devices users are always in a hurry

Owners of mobile devices are believed to be always in a hurry and it is easy to distract them, so they do not trust something they see. However, it is only partially true.

It is necessary to understand your target audience. Those who are not in a hurry may use your website. In any case, a website optimized in accordance with the target audience’s requirements. You need to determine what your website is for, it will help you understand your target audience better. Data analysis is important as well.

Myth 2. A mobile version of a website is a simplified version of a website

The number of people, who use mobile devices to access the internet, increases. A user expects a mobile version to have all features of a regular one. However, a developer may use features of a mobile device, like movement data. At the same time, a website should be displayed correctly on any devices. The point is to get rid of the idea “The smaller the display the less information”. Use features of mobile devices.

Myth 3. The simpler the better

It correlates with the second myth. Some developers think that a mobile version of a website is just a simple version of a regular website. It may be partially true since many factors depend on a project. Sometimes, simplicity can be the key to success. Oversimplification may lead to loss of functions.

Myth 4. A developer and a user think the same way

Some developers create a product using their experience only. It is necessary to remember that users see a website in their own ways.

  • A user wants to get right what they need
  • A user wants his problems to be solved

A developer has to understand what a user needs. A developer should offer what a user wants. It is necessary to get some data in order to understand users’ desires. A developer may ask people to test a website and ask if the information is right what they need.

Myth 5. Developers must adhere to guidelines strictly

Mobile Developers must adhere
Since creating a website is a creative process, there are no any particular guidelines. There are no tips, which will work 100% of times. Guidelines are able to help you, but you should not think that guidelines are always true.

Creation of mobile website requires clear understanding of technical features and good aesthetic sense. Since the number of mobile devices increases, developers have to be ready to offer efficient solutions, which are possible only when they understand clients’ requirements and mobile devices features.

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