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In light of the analysis of American transport shipment challenges, clients often face long wait for their automotive units. Other unpleasant situations may spoil the impression of automobile transferring experience as well. Loss of orders, freight damages, and other displeasing matters form a bad experience that is not desirable for repeating.

Our team has developed an efficient plan for the risk-free and fast delivery of automotive units along the area of the United States. HAULCARS is a well-thought American-oriented project for automobile transferring through all the USA states. We succeed to achieve the needful freight progress with absolute control of organizational and load movement aspects.

Discovery & planning

Having thought out the most suitable algorithm, we are ready to tell more about the used techniques in our project. HAULCARS is an innovative Laravel-based ecosystem with expressive syntax, an ultimate design, and numerous functions to take into account. We use Google API for custom maps creation that increases the safety level and the quality of freight monitoring.

The high-grade searching capabilities, check-in options, and route planning are used for cost, distance and transfer planning calculations. Precise timing and analysis take place through routing computation algorithms (from initial point A to the point of destination B) that prevent the detention of automobiles over the matter of traffic jams. Drive-by-upload activities are also taken into consideration.

Clients have access to information about their order in their account. We guarantee a judicious approach to all transferring issues and well-arranged solutions for qualitative management and customer service. The administration area includes all the necessary tools for customer management and regulation of orders. The HAULCARS project is planned for 3 months. Our team consists of 5 experienced specialists who are responsible for ongoing tasks and the final result. HAULCARS is a unique value proposition for customers who make much for reliable cooperation with strictly-met deadlines.

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