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We are Rivo Agency

We help ideas to change the world

Who we are?

Who we are?

Hi! We are a team of professionals

with a proven expertise in delivering effective, secure and high quality digital solutions for a variety of industries and digital marketing.

Our company

Our company offers the development of various products, from simple promotional sites for individuals or companies to complex solutions for various purposes, for example CRM and ERP systems, scalable web platforms, mobile applications, Internet of Things, etc.

We apply our experience and knowledge to bring your product from concept to prototype and production.


  • Custom Software

    Using our great experience in a variety of technology stacks and industries, we provide customized software tailored to your business needs. Our experts design and develop a fast-loading, secure, and scalable SaaS solution that easily integrates with third-party services.

  • Mobile Development

    Request mobile app development at Rivo Agency to present your business to a wider audience, keep in touch with your customers, discover their needs and win their loyalty. Our app developers create customized solutions for iOS and Android devices that simplify customer interactions.

  • Web Development

    Start developing your software with us to improve the efficiency of your business and attract potential customers. Having 10+ years of experience as a web and mobile app development company, we know how to create fast and powerful web apps that will serve your business for years.

Industry expertise

Industry expertise
  • Retail & Ecommerce

  • Real Estate

  • Custom CRM

  • Education & e-learning

  • Food & Restaurant

  • Healthcare & Fitness

  • Logistics & Distribution



Web Development

  • Laravel

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • Vue.js

  • WordPress

  • PHP

  • jQuery

  • Bootstrap

  • MySQL

Mobile development

  • Swift

  • React Native

  • Node js

  • AWS Amplify

  • GraphQL

  • Redux


  • Amazone AWS

  • Google Cloud