Meltdowngame is a unique project, which helps other people to stay fit and healthy. In fact, it is the new international fitness game. If you take part, you should be ready that your participation includes daily workouts for gym or home, nutritional program, daily motivation and support, weekly contests and prize giveaways and so on. What could you get in return? An excellent body and precious prizes! For example, you can win 5 or 10 thousands of dollars or even Chevrolet Camaro 2018. Their website was created by Developers Company as well. Our work was carried out to structure the information on the site. Now twice as many customers, and most importantly our partners assess the quality and speed of the work done!






Design, Develoment

"I really like what Developers Company team did, next time when I’ll have create something great I’ll aks them again"
Boris Budko
CEO Royal House

The Challenge

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What we did

We created a great website with an exciting and comfortable interface. The development of this website included all stages (technical description, prototyping, clear developing processes, testing, scrum and agile, of course), that’s why we were forced to spend a lot of time but we are really glad that we managed to do that!




Other work

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