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Haul Cars is a leading auto transport company founded by moving relocation professionals.

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Haul Cars is a leading auto transport company founded by moving relocation professionals. They offer the services:

  • Door-to-door vehicle transport-picking up and delivering a vehicle to the address the client has provided.
  • Enclosed Transport – quick delivery using fully enclosed carriers to transport, vehicles often used when transporting classic, luxury, or exotic cars.
  • Motorcycles transportation.
  • Open transport is a less expensive form of transport, often used to transport oversized vehicles that do not fit in a closed box.

User Story

The client approached us with a number of problems that we helped him to solve. In light of the analysis of American transport shipment challenges, clients often faced long waits for their automotive units. Other unpleasant situations may spoil the impression of the automobile transferring experience as well. Loss of orders, freight damages, and other displeasing matters form a bad experience that is not desirable for repeating. Our team has developed an efficient plan for the risk-free and fast delivery of automotive units across the United States. HAULCARS is a well-thought American-oriented project for automobile transferring across the US. We succeed to achieve the needful freight progress with absolute control of organizational and load movement aspects.


We have chosen colors that would be pleasing to the eyes of customers. Furthermore, we also selected a design concept that would fully demonstrate the business product with all its benefits. The design of the site distinguishes our client from competitors. A properly selected design strategy for the website helps to sell more.

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We started from the pre-development stage, which included the creation of wireframes and specifications. Then, we divided the development process into six milestones. Afterward, we passed on the development of the basic functionality, static pages, and the framework of the dynamic pages. Upon completion of each milestone, our QA team provided testing to ensure that everything works as it should. Following the scheme of meeting-development-testing, we moved to the last challenge.

We used individual technical solutions to demonstrate the scale of the company and the quality of service of our client. We created for our client a multifunctional site that loads quickly with selling design. Our website is user-friendly and very easy to use by the owner.

In order to achieve it, we have used several technologies. To create an attractive and good design, our development team used Bootstrap. To make everything flexible and accessible for the owner, WordPress was applied. For creating a strong back-end, we have taken Laravel and PHP as the main instruments and MySQL to store and keep the data.


As a result, our client had a multifunctional site with a description of all processes. That’s why customers don’t have more questions. They come in and order the service. Our digital solution helps this business continue to scale.

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The Rivo team has delivered a digital solution that has removed a lot of problems and helped the business to expand new horizons. Our clients are satisfied, business grows, and orders come. Everything is great thanks to Rivo and their solutions.

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