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Our story starts with the growth of the company. When we started to grow, we figured out that we need some universal tool which can remove a lot of headaches at once and help us to become more effective. We needed some universal tool in order not to spread out to other tools and manage all the processes. And this is the point the story of RIVO CRM begins.

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Story behind

Our story starts with the growth of the company. When we started to grow, we figured out that we need some universal tool which can remove a lot of headaches at once and help us to become more effective. We needed some universal tool in order not to spread out to other tools and manage all the processes. And this is the point the story of RIVO CRM begins.


As any company, from the very beginning we had to use different services and tools to manage everything. For instance, we had to use Hurma to track the stuff and their vacations. To track the working hours and tasks we used Worksection, and our accountant worked with 1C and Excel at once.

That became a real headache for our team, and we met the decision to create our own, unique and universal CRM that could help us and other companies to become more efficient and at work without spreading out to other tools and services.


To make our product simple to understand, our team of designers used modern trends in design and the best UI/UX approaches of the top world companies. So, in this way, we tried to provide the best usability and accessibility to the customers. As a result, we delivered a simple, stylish and powerful system to make the work there as effective and pleasant as possible.

Also, we decided to add such a crucial feature as dark theme, for those who work at nights and don’t like light colors.

Rivo CRM

Dark theme

Our experience shows that a lot of employees in IT have to work at nights, because clients are from other countries and have various timezones. In that case, a dark theme is a must.

That’s why, from the very beginning, we decided to take care about the eyes and created dark mode for those people, who must and like working late or just find such theme a better decision. Besides, dark theme has become an integral part of any digital product nowadays, so it’s a sin to ignore it.

Mobile application

Sometimes it’s necessary to have all the info in hand and see how the business works. In this case, we have thought about those who need info at hand and likes to stay tuned. That’s why we developed a mobile app that allows you to track and run everything on the go. Simple but intelligent navigation gives the opportunity to see all the info and make decisions. So, when you’re away, don’t worry, your precious business is always in hand. Track, control and run it, no matter where you are.

Tech stack

In order to create such a powerful and universal tool, our team of 12 developers has used various technologies to make everything smooth, nice and according to the deadline.

For the front-end, we have used ReactJS along with Redux and Webpack to make the development process fast and stable. To make it even better, we have taken Material UI in combination with our design and created a customizable front-end.

As far as, diagrams and charts are an integral part of any CRM, our team armed itself with Chart.js to create these important elements.

To provide a stable developing process without conflicts, we did unit tests along with functional tests.  Moreover, to provide work between systems, our developers applied REST API.

Every project needs to be saved not to lose the progress. In our case, we used GitHub.


Regarding the back-end, our developers took a lot of effort to make it right and smooth. All work was through Laravel because of its functionality and support. It updates all the time, and it helps to keep the projects fresh.

As far as, we decided to share our product with other companies, we took into account that everyone wants to protect the data, their CRM, and so on. For this purpose, Multi-tenant appeared to be handy. To provide import and export of the docs from Excel and similar types of files, our team used PhpSpreadsheets.

In addition, we wanted to share the info on the changes in the system, so used WebSocket.

Also, to maintain authorization with personal tokens its management and refreshing Laravel Passport was a good technology to use.

And sure thing, we needed to keep data somewhere, and that’s the reason we used MySQL.



Since every project has its difficulties, and our wasn’t an exception. We wanted to create something new, unique and universal and this required to solve a bunch of tasks.

Foremost, we wanted to see all the info and stats regarding the stuff, birthdays, vacations, and holidays, so we developed such modules for our CRM.

Our company needed the info on partners and counteragents. No problem! We have it now in the system.

RIVO uses Worksection to track the task, so it would be nice to import the data from there and such services and Trello and Jira. So we included this import too. Moreover, we added the time tracker to see the progress. It’s optional, but still necessary for some businesses.

Our CEO likes to see reports, so we took care of it, in addition that’s possible to create your own report in RIVO CRM.

The most painful point for us was the usage of Excel and 1C by the accountants. It was inconvenient, slow, and ineffective.

Unlike other services, we wanted to create the accountancy that really works and works properly. To create our accountancy, we figured out what we want to see there. It should be simple to understand and manage by any specialist, whether it is a developer or business owner. Right there we applied everything that is necessary for accounting, like counting the revenues, paybacks planned or factual multiplier.

And to provide the important info and stats shortly, we developed the dashboard where all statistics and info displayed. That is rather helpful, especially for those who needs to run any process on the go.


As a result, we received a truly great product, a universal tool where everything is united in one place. Just in one tool we included such modules as:

  • convenient dashboard with the main info gathered in one place;
  • time tracker;
  • info and stats on employees and all data related to them;
  • info on partners and counteragents;
  • import from Worksection, Jira and Trello;
  • reports;
  • accountancy that truly works.

Everything is easy to understand, pleasant to the eye and along with the dark theme and mobile application it appeared to become a real treasure for us, which closes our needs as well as the needs of other companies with the same problems.

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