Protected: TOP-6 technology trends in retail sector worth paying attention to in 2022

The world is changing very dynamically. It has an impact on all spheres of life and IT is one of them. Technologies are developing especially fast, and it arises the need to pay attention to new trends in order to stay afloat in the business. So here we wanted to draw your attention to the new 6 trends in tech of retail business that appear to be helpful in 2022.

Recent events in the world like pandemics have extremely influenced the retail sector. The tastes have changed as well as the order of life of numerous people. As far as all retail businesses tend to follow customers’ needs, they have to keep an eye on the trends that arise with time.

In this post, we would like to represent 6 main tech trends that will help the retail sector to stay up-to-date and be successful.


Since their inception, augmented reality and virtual reality have begun to be very actively introduced into the daily life of people and businesses.

Such technologies as AR and VR appeared to be rather helpful in a lot of spheres. In that way, big companies began to draw their attention to them and started actively using their benefits to get more advantages on the market.
As for regular customers, AR, and VR have beaten out their place in the hearts of users. Designing, movie making, and entertaining, all those spheres have gotten to a new level by applying these technologies. It is especially shown in the game development industry. Cool graphics and effects delighted the customers and made them buy more video games, and that caused an increase in sales.

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Smart Home Devices

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Artificial intelligence fills all square meters and makes the house a real helper in everyday life for a person and also considered to be a fast-growing trend in 2022

Smart home devices such as voice assistants are staples in the home technology industry, and they allow you to do almost all home tasks with less effort. For example, you can set a timer or turn off the lights with a simple voice command. Refrigerators that track the contents and create a shopping list for you every week. Mirrors that contain workout videos and can analyze your body. Such devices have changed the common parts of the human home in many ways, allowing people to interact with their homes like never before.

In the nearest future, AI and IoT devices will become much more common in every house. Home buyers and sellers should expect significant growth in the development of smart kitchens and even smart bathrooms in the coming years. That means that those who take the time to modernize their products will have a huge number of customers worldwide and profit margins.

Blockchain Technologies

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In the last several years, thanks to bitcoin, blockchain technologies experience strong growth. More and more people start to use bitcoin as the main payment means and that boosts new branches of sales at some ranges. Now people have started to buy houses, businesses, and other things using bitcoin. As far as blockchain helps to work and track transactions, it became a good investment for retail to integrate it into its systems.

Cash-free shopping

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Predictions by Mastercard became true and 74% of buyers are not going to return to cash. The simplicity and ease of purchase that it offers to shoppers attract more people to use cashless payments.
That is why a lot of companies started to invest in the fintech industry. A comfortable and simple-to-understand interface along with great payment services increase the number of customers because it became totally easy and affordable to buy anything without headaches. As a result, that also boosts the development of the retail sector.

Loyalty apps

The development of apps for loyalty programs has become rather significant today. People don’t want to carry a bunch of cards around with them. Using apps that replace those cards reduce a lot of discomforts and attract clients to those shops and networks that create such apps and bring easiness to customers’ life.

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Online marketplaces

Supermarkets on the Internet – in other words, marketplaces offer products from a wide variety of vendors and like the rest of the retail industry, this sector continues to grow. Companies like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are making record profits. Sales on Etsy rose 144% to $2.9 billion in the first three months of 2021, while Reverb’s revenue grew 141% over the same period. Creating marketplaces allows attracting a lot of sellers and businesses and increases the growth of sales in a short period of time. People don’t need to go anywhere to buy anything. Now they can do this while sitting on the couch. Having a wide range of goods and great delivery services is going to boost the development of the retail sector each year because human needs tend to extend.


Technology has greatly influenced the development of retail services around the world. Developers from all over the world come up with solutions that will make the retail sector more convenient and easier to use. Thus, helping to improve service and increase sales.
The huge impact of trends and technologies can no longer be ignored. Since it is a strong competitive advantage.

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