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With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the health sector began to develop rapidly. Because new and unexpected situations required new solutions that had not yet been applied before. In this regard, medicine has faced problems that required IT solutions to provide for patients' comfort and medical staff efficiency.

The role of IT in the healthcare industry

These days, the newest and most innovative approaches in medicine have been implemented using IT solutions. Their main goal was to simplify the procedure for visiting hospitals and improve the quality of patient care.

Now, this industry faced a need to develop mobile applications in various areas of healthcare for the convenience of patients. People do not want to waste time on regular check-ups and visits to doctors. Because now the pace of life, in general, is very fast and much more convenient when there are various services and programs that help monitor health using the Internet.

On the other hand, doctors also need to communicate with numerous patients during the day. It is hard for one person to handle, so mobile apps or custom systems make life easier for both doctors and patients.

What are the types of healthcare mobile apps?


EMRs – also known as electronic medical records, are simply a system with digital versions of paper documents and records of a clinic. It can contain medical records, documentation, treatment, and case reports on different patients.  Such systems, especially when they can be used on mobile, reduce a lot of unnecessary work and allow doing such useful things as:

  • Monitor and improve the quality of service
  • Track and keep data for an unlimited period of time
  • Get the data fast
  • Have all the necessary data at hand 24/7


Telemedicine is a medical practice that uses technologies to provide assistance at a distance. A physician in one location uses telecommunications infrastructure to provide care to a patient in a remote location.

Telemedicine mobile apps are definitely a win-win for both patients and doctors. This is why, according to a report by Statista, the market size for such a mobile app is expected to grow instantly.

Online patient enrollment

Currently, because of the high tempo of life, people cannot enroll by phone or by coming personally. It caused the creation of apps for fast and convenient enrollment with a smartphone. Such apps allow you to enroll your visit to a doctor on the go and choose a suitable time and date. All the process runs fast and smoothly and nobody needs to waste time anymore.

Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring delivers patient-generated health information to the doctor, making it easier to respond to emergencies and analyze them appropriately. Remote monitoring applications vary in functionality depending on the gadgets they are associated with and the type of information stored. But still, such apps alongside gadgets allow tracking and correcting the lifestyle to prevent different diseases and health problems.

Symptom checker

Applications in which you can view your symptoms and then make an appointment with a doctor are very popular among patients.

With this application, you can check the symptoms of any disease from the comfort of your home.

To create a medical symptom testing app, you need to hire mobile app developers to provide the proper development of advanced features and functionality. Such apps deal with human health, so failures are not acceptable.

Mental health

Mental health is the most important part of a healthy and wholesome person’s life. During the pandemic, many people experienced mental health issues. Statistics show an increase in the number of patients working with anxiety disorders and depression. Thus, there has been an increased demand for apps that can track the onset of panic attacks, track your emotions, and meditate. Moreover, not all people can afford to pay for a specialist, but almost everyone can pay for a small subscription. Modern life is full of stresses and challenges, so the creation of mental health app will be a successful project.

Why have mobile apps become so popular in the healthcare industry?

The answer is simple — time and efficiency. In our fast and stressful world, it is a real pain when you have to go to a doctor to take a simple consultation. Practically, you have to go through all circles of hell to visit your doctor. You have to call or visit a clinic to make an appointment. Wait in line sometimes. But the worst, you have to take a day off, because you don’t know how long can it last. Mobile apps take this pain away. You can book a meeting, take online consultations, receive recipes, and do much more without spending extra time. That makes your life more effective, and you don’t need to waste time anymore.

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What do you need to know before developing an app for your business?

To be honest, there are several things you need to figure out before you start developing your healthcare app.
Foremost, the purpose of the app. It should track the activity of a user, provide fitness services, give help to mental health or be a part of some clinic system.
The second thing to know is the functionality you want to provide. Your main purpose is to make the life of your users better and at the same time earn money. So providing the right functionality appears to be crucial for you to get succeeded.
The third thing is to think about good UI/UX. Your app should be simple-to-understand, smooth, and comfortable, so for a person that uses it for the first time, everything would be clear from the first glance.
The fourth thing to understand is the development cost won’t reduce. You have to be ready to pay quite a lot if you want to get a qualitative app. Moreover, your app will be more than just an app. It will be a powerful marketing tool that will promote your company.
The number of smartphone users increases every day, so be sure, that if you create a decent and useful app, your success will be inevitable.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the development of a healthcare app depends on many factors. Starting with the specifics of the niche in which you want to create a product and ending with trends in the industry as a whole.
You have to understand for what kind of audience you will create an app, what features it’s gonna have, and for sure who will develop that app.
If you answered the first two questions, you’ll definitely come closer to understanding the costs, but the real sum you’ll receive from the company which will develop your product. They will estimate every single detail and tell you how much you have to pay. Actually, the price strongly depends on the company you cooperate with. Thanks to the Internet, you can work worldwide, and that gives you the opportunity to choose a company from any corner of the world for a better price.
For instance, Ukrainian developers are considered to be one of the best in the industry, but the cost of their labor is lower than in the US or Canada. That means that you can receive the top price and high quality on much better terms. Just look for, compare and then make a decision.

Look through the tables below and you will understand who it will be more profitable for you to work with

Approximate estimation of healthcare apps development in the US

Approximate estimation of healthcare apps development in Ukraine



Summing up, we can say that the healthcare sector is developing very quickly. And especially in developed and civilized countries. And this is not surprising, because IT in medicine creates excellent conditions for communication of both doctors and patients and the effective treatment of the latter ones.

Unsurprisingly, such solutions bring great benefits over the long term, and that cannot be cheap. Therefore, companies that develop applications in the healthcare sector are now rapidly developing, as well as their specialists, and, accordingly, complex project work is not cheap.

But you also get many benefits to grow your business.

At RIVO AGENCY, we are also involved in the development of health care products. Give us a shot and our healthcare app developers won’t let you down.

We will be happy to talk and help in order to bring benefits to both of us.

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