Technologies of web development

Web-development is developing. Development of new solutions and their implementation affect the whole IT industry. Many new (and advanced old ones) technologies became. Here are some of them:


Clouds are virtual infrastructures. In other words, it is like having dozens or hundreds of computers. This approach is very popular for resource-consuming calculations. The prices were decreased over the course of time and even small companies use clouds now.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is very popular today. The point of the technology is that a computer “learns” how to solve a task using certain parameters. This process is resource consuming and it is far from “perfect”.


Companies use bots often. They can perform trivial functions, like users consulting and answering questions.

Progressive web-applications

This kind of applications can work without an internet connection. However, they look like native ones.


It is possible that all frameworks will share the same set of functions, because of their consolidation. Developers of the most popular frameworks started to share their ideas with each other. As a result, it will not matter what framework you use.

VR/AR virtual and augmented reality

VR/AR becomes more and more popular. A very popular game, called Pokemon Go, gave it a good impact. Developers pay attention to the technology.

Programming languages

If we speak about programming languages, we need to mention the most popular one – JavaScript. A possibility to work with asynchronous functions – await/sync is introduced in the new standard ES2017.

TypeScript is compiled to JavaScript code. This language uses the classic model of OOP.

PHP got an update in December. Developers paid attention to performance enhancement, and there are almost no other changes.

Python was updated to the version 3.6. Many libraries are available now. Therefore, you can solve almost any kind of task.

A new version of Ruby got many performance enhancements and Ruby on Rails is still very popular.

New editors for C# Visual Studio Code. Net Core can be executed in Windows, Linux, and macOS. Developers decided to release open source versions of the editors and the community will add new features.

Java 9 features new functions of interactive interface, new APIs, and HTTP 2.0 support.


MySQL is still one of the most popular DBMS. The new version features much enhancement. PouchDB and CouchDB are very popular as well.

Redis is a small and fast system for databases management. The system has many data structures. The new version features an enhanced replication function and modules system.

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