Visual communication

Visual communication today, we can take amazing photos, because of high-quality mobile devices. Moreover, people value flaws and uniqueness of photos, ignoring artificial beauty. People want to know a story of a photo. It is necessary to understand photo trends in order to provide users with interesting content.

Press photograper

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Availability and development of smartphones let people take amazing photos of unusual events, which other people like. This kind of journalism is a very powerful impulse to inform society. This approach is very effective when you need to deal with the fake news.

From a stranger to a model

Social networks and photos change the way we see street photography. An example is a situation when a Nigerian woman became a world-known model when someone took a photo of her. This is a unique situation because a photographer did not have an intention to make her popular. It started a new trend in photography


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The subject of the journey is very popular. Users of photo stocks search for those photos. Affordable prices made everything easier, so people can visit different places and take many high-quality photos. A proof of the popularity is the fact that the hashtag #vanlife is used more than 2 million times in a popular social network Instagram.


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Deadpan is a style when a person takes a picture of something that is right in front of them. The photo is not retouched. Therefore, a “clear reality” is created. Such photos are very popular among users because the pictures have some sort of honesty they seek. This approach is very popular among brands, which want to demonstrate their products as they are, with no retouching. Moreover, this way of advertising is very popular.


Animation becomes more and more popular. Website developers use animated images as they help to tell more. At the same time, a webpage is not overloaded with information. because of the high popularity of animation, a great number of services, which help to create animated images, appear.

Augmented reality

Development of the augmented reality technology helps us to introduce virtual objects in the real world. Developers add new filters, masks, objects. It provides us with amazing possibilities. Augmented reality has a practical application, a user can use to see how a new piece of furniture will look in their apartment.


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The combination of different image elements and colors let people demonstrate their creativity. Stunning collages draw our attention and we cannot forget them. The trend is to combine something that cannot be combined, use high contrast, a glitch effect, and other features. This approach helps personalize someone’s work.


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Contrast and combination of colors are used to making an attractive image. Quite often, combinations of vivid and pastel colors are used. Therefore, an image becomes distinguishable and it draws our attention.


An image is not as important as individuality is. People want to see each other as they are. Users like the honesty of a photo. We are different, but we all live in one world and we need to accept each other as they are.

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