Web design

Web design trends always can be changed and this year is not an exception. It is necessary to understand what style will be popular in future to create attractive websites.

Flat design

Designers use shadows to create the volume effect, but at the same time, all elements look flat.


Web design 3D
In spite of “flat” design popularity, 3D is very popular among designers. This popularity is easy to explain since VR and AR technologies become more and more popular.

Vivid and contrast colors

Web design_Vivid and contrast colors
Designers use the whole palette, combining contrast colors, highlighting the most important elements.


Web design Gradient

A smooth transition of colors is very popular and designers pay special attention to it. Many popular companies decided to use gradients in their personal styles.

Geometric forms, elements, lines

Web design Geometric forms
This approach will be popular in future as well. You can see many simple geometric forms on websites. This kind of minimalism coupled with contrast colors creates a stunning style.

Non-stock graphic

Web design Non stock graphic
You should not think that simple graphic is something that everyone wants. Some designers prefer complex graphic elements with a great amount of small elements. Many companies decide to have personal graphic, which is created in accordance with clients desires.

Landing pages

Landing pages have proved their efficiency. “Attractive” design can help you accomplish marketing goals effectively.


Web design Animation
Animation makes websites alive and nicer. Animation can be implemented via gif, WebGL or CSS.


Web design Cinematographs
Cinematography are a special kind of animated images, where only secondary elements move. The elements are the ones a user should not pay attention to.


Web design Videos
Sometimes, designers use looped videos. This approach is a great option when you want to tell a story about a product or present it without making users need to read a text.

Design trends can be changed, but it is necessary to remember that designers should pay special attention to websites usability.

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