Website creation

Website development is a long and resource-consuming process. It is necessary to consider many factors. Success of a website depends on elements implementation. Both technical and style factors mean. However, users only see the exterior side.

Developers should pay attention to such factors as:

Information architecture

Information architecture
Some developers understand it as menus, but that is not 100% correct. A menu is only a part. Correct information architecture is all about simple and logic information organization. It helps users find necessary information.


creation Navigation
Navigation is a key feature of a website. Users have to be able to find the necessary information. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to a simple rule – navigation should be simple, clear and consistent (it has to be the same for all pages).


Using links facilitates using of a website. It is necessary to understand the difference between an internal and an external links. An internal link is opened in the same windows, an external in a new one. It is a good option to notify user (“the links opens in a new window”). It is necessary to check if all links are working correctly.


A searching box should be placed right where a user expects it to see. People focus their attention on the top left corner. A searching box should not be too small. It is a good option to have a searching box on every page. Therefore, a user will be always able to find right what they need.


Website creation Content
Content is very important since users see a website as a source of information. It is recommended to avoid overloading users with information. To make information easier to acquire, it is necessary to divide it into smaller parts (if it is necessary).

  • Jargon and narrow-specialized terms should be excluded. It overcomplicates understanding of information.
  • Large texts with many details should be avoided.

Page structure

Website creation Page structure
Pages, which share the same subject, should look alike, so a user will not have any troubles with it. It is necessary to consider sizes of different elements and the way they interact with each other.

Visual hierarchy

People read from left to right, from top to bottom. Therefore, you can “guide” a user through a page.

Page loading

A page should not take long to load. It is necessary to keep in mind that some users have bad bandwidth. It would be great to use screens which show loading process. A good idea is to use ready-made solutions for
accelerate the loading of web pages


Website creation Buttons
The buttons that can be pushed should look accordingly, for example, you can add shadow. Style of buttons should be consistent (buttons with similar functions should look same).

Images and video

Website creation Images-and video
Multimedia elements should be picked attentively. Only high-quality content should be used. Sizes of images and video should be correct. There should not be any stretched images. Multimedia content should be chosen in accordance with the theme of the website or the page.

Call to action

Website creation Navigation

Such elements should be short and simple. The element has to be large enough, so a user can notice it without problems.


Forms have to be simple and logical. Forms should request necessary information only. The parts with the same theme should be grouped.

Mobile version

It is necessary to consider features of mobile devices when a mobile version of a website is created (performance and different display sizes).

Physically challenged people

Some people are colorblind, so colors have to be picked carefully. It would be wrong to rely exclusively on colors.


Testing of a website is a very important process. It is necessary to check all elements and links in order to assure a good level of usability.

Website creation is evolving just like any other fields of activity. New challenges and solutions appear constantly. Developers pay special attention to a great number of factors when they create websites. It is the only way to be able to offer an efficient solution.

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