7 most useful plugins for WooCommerce

More and more people go online these days. Such a migration caused a robust development of digital commerce. In that way, a lot of small, medium, and large businesses decided to digitalize and enhance their presence on the market. The most reliable way to launch any business on the Internet is to create an online shop. WordPress alongside WooCommerce plugin turned out to be the most suitable and effective tool for any kind of online store and that skyrocketed their population. To be more precise, WooCommerce became even more popular than WP, so developers started to create programs exactly for WooCommerce. Because of it, we want to draw our attention to the 7 most useful plugins for WooCommerce.

Monster Insights

Monster Insights

The powerful analytical system that is always among the top WooCommerce plugins. This program displays a ton of useful information about each page, customer, and goods of your online store. This plugin is able to count and track the number of clicks on different links and is integrated with Google Optimize to provide A/B testing. 

In case you connect Google Analytics eCommerce extension you will be able to receive such info: 

  • total store’s income
  • average price per order
  • successful conversions
  • all customers’ transactions
  • referral links
  • the list of the most popular goods

All that info will be accurately gathered into one simple understood dashboard for proper analysis.



This amazing plugin helps to make your online store really great and brings a lot of new customers. HubSpot gatherers all the necessary and useful information that helps to sell more effectively and gives info with tools to promote your store. 

This plugin has both analytical and marketing tools that taken together boost your online store to new heights. 

As for analytical tools, you can create customers’ profiles, track the number of goods in storage, see all the information on conversion, purchases, left carts, clients’ behavior, and so on. Such tools and deep analysis gives the chance to see the whole picture and make more thoughtful decisions. 

Regarding marketing tools, you will be able to:

  • see what ads brought clients (great for A/B testing)
  • identify the most effective pages 
  • indicate the breaking point, where customers leave a shop without buying anything
  • figure out what SEO campaign was the most effective

All the received data can be segmented according to different categories and analyzed deeply. 

It should be noted that HubSpot works only with its own account because it provides all the functionality, so should be ready to pay for it.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

If you are looking for a tool that allows taking all the necessary data from Google Analytics and complementing it with the information necessary for the successful development of your business, this plugin is the perfect fit for that.

As you could already understand, this plugin is a kind of bridge between Google Analytics and WooCommerce. 

It provides such functionality as: 

  • track the full way of a customer, from the first visit and till inputting the payment credentials
  • track the logistics and storage to order the necessary and popular goods and get rid of the useless ones
  • watch over the effectiveness of ads and SEO campaigns
  • get notifications in the case when a customer has abandoned the cart and contact him to fix it

Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce

This plugin is the most field-specific because its main function is to return a client and make them buy the goods left in the cart. 

Let’s agree that it is a common practice when a customer visits your online shop, adds a bunch of goods to the cart, and is ready to buy them. But, in a couple of minutes instead of making a purchase, he or she disappears. It is totally irritating and business owners can prevent it by using this plugin.

Abandoned Cart Reports remembers such buyers and sends their data to the web page’s owner to contact them and push them to complete their purchase. 

The main advantage of this plugin among others is the price. It is totally free but provides a lot of benefits.



This is another multitool that will enhance your analytics and marketing as well. Furthermore, using this plugin, you can build a marketing strategy of any complexity. 

All in all, this plugin provides: 

  • collecting customer information 
  • segmentation and the automation of marketing
  • push notifications, emails, free messaging
  • the automatization of emails and text messages and other marketing tools
  • ready templates and texts
  • analyze the abandonment of carts, order confirmation, and other customers’ behavior



To be honest, here, Metonik is not a plugin, it is an app for collecting the WooCommerce analytics and creating reports on this basis. 

Due to the fact that Metorik is an app, it has a couple of advantages that no plugin can possess:

  • Metorik has its own database and loading the data will be faster and won’t affect the site’s performance. So, you don’t need to wait for a report or analytics for ages
  • Metorik isn’t bound by WordPress restrictions and this allows it to have more functionality
  • It has a good UI and looks better than most plugins

Having Metorik at your disposal allows you to make the segmentation of reports and shows you better ways for analysis. It can show you what goods are popular and what is totally useless. In addition to all of that, you can control the orders and integrate Slack into the system.



Metrilo is another app that connects with WooCommerce and takes the data from a site.

It allows analyzing several elements at the same time and estimating how effective each marketing channel is. It also draws attention to the retention rate of your clients in an online store and helps to figure out what actions are necessary to get loyal clients and make them buy. 

Also, in this app, you can use cohort analysis and rate the effectiveness of different advertisement campaigns.

In addition to all that wide functionality, Metrilo has a CRM system with the tools for email marketing automatization.


WooCommerce is a mighty tool for eCommerce so it is not surprising that it has such a variety of plugins and apps to make its performance better. 

Using such plugins allows you to analyze deeply the current marketing situation and make effective and sharp decisions to boost your online business. 

If you’re unsure what plugin to choose turn to RIVO AGENCY, we are experts in WordPress development services and know how to provide the perfect solutions to you.

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