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React Native combines the best parts of cross-platform development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


What is React Native?

What is React Native? What is React Native?
React Native is a JavaScript framework that allows you to create cross-platform mobile applications. Facebook released the first public versions in 2015. Unlike the old technologies, React Native can spare from 30% to 35% of time and budget while creating applications for iOS and Android. Such famous applications as Instagram, Tesla, Uber, Discord, Skype, Pinterest, and many others were written in React Native. This framework makes possible the development of mobile applications for both iOS and Android at the same time using only JavaScript, as there is a lot of common code for these two operating systems. In the area of business applications, React Native is certainly a good choice. The performance, in this case, differs only a little from the native decisions, and the framework's capabilities are sufficient to implement the necessary functionality.

The main benefits of using React Native

Here we'll go through the apparent benefits of using React Native to convince you of its cost-effectiveness.
  • Budget-friendly solutions

    With React Native, it's possible to use the same code for Android and iOS apps. Since React Native requires writing only one code, you don't need two developer teams for both platforms. Therefore, it means saving time and money, so you can allocate more resources to promoting your product.
  • Strong performance for mobile environments

    React Native architecture is well tuned to mobile devices. It makes use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), while native platforms are more ‘CPU (Central Processing Unit) intensive’. Compared to hybrid technologies – which were the only option for cross-platform in the past – React Native is a superfast decision.
  • Large community of developers

    React Native is an open-source and easily accessible JavaScript platform where every developer is free to make a contribution to the framework. So, you can take full advantage of the community-driven technology. This means that if any developer gets stuck somewhere while developing an app, he is free to ask for help from community members who would guide him in this regard.
  • Offers simple user interface

    React Native also offers a simplified mobile user interface. That is why it is more known as an open-source JavaScript library rather than a framework. A perfect app needs to be fast and user-friendly, so React Native is a good choice for making it. It offers a more responsive UI design and reduces the loading time as well.
  • Lower maintenance cost

    To make a comparison, native apps require regular code updates for each mobile device separately. As for cross-platform apps created with RN, you deal with a single coding; therefore, you fix bugs for one code only and changes apply to both of platforms. As a result, React Native reduces app development costs and makes maintenance more straightforward.
  • Great customer experience

    None of us likes to wait for an app to load for a long time. High app performance is one of the most obvious reasons why React Native can cut your development costs. This is because the RN uses native UI elements, and it’s been compiled as a native app. As a result, you get a faster and more competitive product that offers an instantaneous loading experience.
React Native vs NativeScript

React Native vs NativeScript

NativeScript is another cross-platform framework that was released a year earlier than React Native, but it hasn't gained so much popularity. As you can see on the chart below, NativeScript community consists of almost 3k users, while React Native attracts almost 600k developers.

Our team provides:

Competence in React Native does not start with the code. It is important to firstly focus on the business ideas and requirements. Our team thoroughly immerses in the project's details in order to choose the right direction of development before the kick-off. This helps to create a product within the specified business goals and deadlines.
  • React Native development and design

    We focus on the end result. With powerful visualization and thought-through UX design, we create solutions that convert users into buyers.
  • Custom mobile apps

    Template development is not about RIVO AGENCY, because such an approach does not benefit us or the client. We’re in favor of developing cross-country solutions that really cover up the pain of real people with different mentalities and needs. And JS libraries help to achieve this.
  • MVP for mobile startups

    When launching a new product on the market, it is better to test it for viability first. RIVO AGENCY will help you to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) so that you would be able to test your application without risking your entire budget. Having received feedback in the test mode, you may understand what you need to add or improve before a full launch. We will help you to save your budget and prevent risks during the launch phase.

Why should you choose us?

RIVO AGENCY is a full-cycle team of developers, UI/UX designers, project managers, and QA specialists. Our team develops React Native applications from scratch, including UI/UX, API development, and front end. This is all you need to successfully release your product on the App Store and Google Play. With the help of our team of experienced React Native developers, your business will be brought to the next level as we will transform it and influence the development of a strong brand. If you want to know more about mobile development technologies, you are free to read about Swift.
  • We offer constant innovation and communication between us and your team to guarantee a dynamic workflow.
  • We`re proud of every project we complete. Healthcare, Logistics and Retail are just three sectors for which our developers build apps with React Native. RIVO AGENCY team will be happy to create a technological solution for you and prove it to be a smart investment.
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