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What is JavaScript?

What is JavaScript? What is JavaScript?
JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to create websites, platforms, and apps with dynamically updated content and unique features. It allows manipulating media, animating images, and realizing all clients' ideas in life. Using JS together with such technologies as ReactJS and Vue.js gives the opportunity to create literary everything for a great, dynamic, and good-looking product that will be both: highly functional and pleasant to the eye. Due to the fact that JS is at the top of popularity now, this becomes an impressive argument that JavaScript has a lot of obvious advantages. That is why a lot of web developers choose JS to work with, as with this language and its flexibility you can reach an amazing result.

Benefits of using JavaScript

JavaScript has many advantages that make it the top programming language in front-end development. So if you want, we will use all the advantages of JavaScript in your project and embody there all your ideas and needs.
  • Cybersecurity

    Ensuring the security of data is a priority when it comes to creating software solutions for businesses. The good thing about JS and its frameworks is that the lion’s share of resources is pumped into it for enhancing the security features. And the broad developer support community continues to actively explore some vulnerable security issues. So you can count on the security features offered in this language.
  • Competitive Pricing

    The cost of developing a software solution requires huge capital, and it becomes a significant investment, especially when it is a start-up or SME. This is where JavaScript can be very useful. Projects that require endless hours of coding can be swiftly built using JavaScript and its frameworks in minimal time. Most of the JS frameworks are open-source and available for developers for free. Therefore, you don’t have to incur the cost of expensive subscriptions or product licenses. The cost of the development of the software solution will be significantly lower when we deal with JavaScript.
  • Powerful frameworks

    JavaScript has a rich amount of frameworks to work with that have been created over time, and the developer can choose the perfect fit depending on the project particulars. Furthermore, there are plenty of amazing features in each of these frameworks to make the development quicker, efficient, and cost-effective. React.JS, Angular 2+, Vue.js, and Node.js – choose any and start developing.
  • Speed

    The biggest advantage is the low server load. Without JavaScript, the entire page would have to be reloaded to access new content. This is achieved, for example, with Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML), a concept for asynchronous data transfer with JavaScript.
  • Popularity and Strong Community

    JavaScript is insanely popular. The proof of that is in every statistics you can meet on the Internet. It means at least one important thing: you will find a solution to any problem in the community. In web development, that’s not a negligible detail. If you’re someone that needs to hire developers, that’s also a big plus, as the pool of candidates who deal with JS is huge.
  • Interoperability and compatibility

    JavaScript works perfectly with other programming languages, hence suited for a wide variety of applications. It can be easily pasted into other web pages, regardless of the file extension. It is also compatible with scripts written in languages like Perl, PHP, etc.


In this chart, you can see the PYPL analytics that confirms the strong market position and the popularity of JavaScript.

Our team provides

If you want to find an IT company that is really interested in the outcome and further development of your business, then we believe that we will not disappoint you. Using the accumulated experience and knowledge, we are ready to make unique IT solutions for our clients, such as:
  • Web Development

    After a thorough analysis of your niche and your wishes, we will offer you proposals that will fit your budget and needs. We help you create quickly and easily scalable programs and platforms for your business that your customers will enjoy.
  • Startup Software Development

    If you are doing the first steps in your business, and you need a reliable IT company in partnership – we can also help you. Realizing that this is a startup, we are responsible for a limited budget, as it is often so at the beginning of the business. From our side, we will offer you a nice budget option. Using the skills and experience of working with startups, we will also give you the necessary functionality that will help your business to grow and scale.
  • UI/UX Design

    In our time, being different is very important. Unfortunately now, the market is full of standard solutions. Quality design is one of the tools that will help you differentiate yourself and be noticeable in the market. Our experienced designers will help you create unique design solutions that will become part of your brand and will be remembered by your customers.

Why should you choose us?

We are a team of professionals that appreciate our clients and want to deliver the best digital solutions to them. We are always eager to meet all the requirements of our clients and create a win-win situation because when our clients win and receive all they wanted they come to us again. Furthermore, we do the work as well as we can and with a wide range of technologies along with the knowledge and experience of our dev team, we can guarantee high quality.
  • We have been working on the IT market for over 10 years. And our work experience has already taught us a lot. There were successes and mistakes, and now we know exactly what and how to make effective IT solutions.
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  • We also want to note that we work only with full-time employees, 85% of whom are middle and senior level developers. Therefore, you can be sure of a high level of responsibility for the outcome of your project, because the whole team is responsible for it. And don`t worry. Despite the fact that we are from Ukraine we know English well so we haven't any other problem with our communication.
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