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AWS Amplify is a set of specialized tools that enable web and mobile application developers to quickly and easily build end-to-end applications on AWS, and provide the flexibility to leverage a variety of AWS services for new and changing use cases.


What is AWS Amplify?

What is AWS Amplify? What is AWS Amplify?
AWS is a full-stack platform designed to assist web and mobile developers in developing full-stack and scalable applications that are hosted by AWS. The platform includes a lot of tools and services that enable users to easily configure the back-end, connect apps, deploy static web apps instantly, and manage content outside the AWS console. It may also include code libraries, ready-to-use components, and a built-in command-line interface (CLI). The most significant advantage of this tool is that it allows you to quickly and securely integrate a wide range of functions, ranging from API to AI.

Benefits of using AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify provides the capability of building a variety of apps like iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, React, and Vue that can easily communicate with the AWS services via the AWS Amplify Framework. AWS Amplify has many advantages and among them are:
  • Easy and UI driven development

    Using AWS Amplify for building mobile and internet appliances, offers a simple, fast and modern user interface approach. Here, everything is provided by the out-of-the-box UI component so that you do not have to code one. Likewise, CLI’s design and workflows are also seamless, speeding up the development of the application.
  • Web-Based Analytics

    AWS Amplify comes with a web-based analysis. Dashboard for developers, designers, and project managers, which is extremely useful. It doesn't only track users and attributes, but also includes enforcement metrics. The analytics are always up-to-date and can be managed and tracked by teams.
  • Easy content management

    With the help of the UI for Amplify administration, it is possible to provide users who are not developers with administrator rights to manage users and application content without an AWS account.
  • Usage low cost

    Like many other paid AWS Services, the payment model for AWS Amplify is very flexible and cost-efficient. When you use the Amplify Framework (Libraries, CLIs, UI Components), you only pay for the core AWS services you use. There is no additional charge for using Amplify Framework. Due to flexible payment methods and customizable features, AWS is ideal for small businesses that require rapid scaling and reduction of overhead costs.
  • Safety management

    Amplify provides much more effective security management elements than other platforms. In Amplify, you can configure specific access controls for each application user. You can easily configure shared authentication with Amazon, Facebook, and Google, and control access to the specific data that certain users have access to.
  • Universality

    Do not split yourself into different frameworks and services anymore. Everything is gathered in one place and that, in turn, allows fastening and makes the dev process much more efficient. Especially, it is useful for full stacks who find AWS Amplify a real gem.
AWS Simplify

AWS Simplify

On this graph in Google Trends, you can see the increasing popularity of AWS Simplify over 5 years around the world

Our team provides

Our experienced team can help you take full advantage of AWS Amplify and technologies like that (e.g., Google Cloud) in your project since we have experienced all its advantages and have strong skills in the usage of them to create a digital product that will satisfy everyone.
  • Custom Web and Mobile Apps

    Take advantage of all of AWS's great services, and we help you build a modern, branded, effective, and responsive web app that will help your business project development and scale.
  • Rebuild Legacy Apps

    Modernize your legacy app by building it on AWS Amplify. We'll help you to take all the best advantages of this technology embodied in your product.
  • Personal Consulting

    In case, you have questions about best practices with AWS Amplify or need guidance on a future or existing project, we will be happy to help and consult you on this technology or other technologies.

Why should you choose us?

AWS Amplify is a great technology to use and since its existence, we have used it in lots of our projects to deliver great results. If you are looking for a team that can take your idea and realizes it in the best possible way, just turn to us and be sure, we provide the product you want to have.
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