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An open-source programming language using which any developer can apps and solutions for Apple devices.


What is Swift?

What is Swift? What is Swift?
In 2010, Apple started developing Swift, a new general-purpose programming language that will compete with Objective-C in several areas, notably speed, type safety, security, and better hardware performance. The Swift programming language, first introduced at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) in 2014, has generated a lot of controversy since then. It is simple and easy to use compared to other older languages. In addition, this language is designed to work across the entire Apple ecosystem. This means you can use it to write programs for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and even Linux apps. However, Swift supports interoperability with both C and Objective-C, including new useful features for iOS developers.

Benefits of using Swift

The Swift App Development has been rightly defined as “The Future of Mobile Application Development” as well as the usage of React Native. And here are the reasons to say so.
  • Safer Platform

    Nowadays, the security of application data is an important characteristic of a successful product. Swift has been designed to eliminate and avoid bugs with its features – generics, optional, and type interference to achieve app stability. Hence, applications developed in Swift are less prone to errors and crashes.
  • Easy Code Readability

    Swift is a more compact programming language. However, this does not mean that the code is simple, of course. It can be very difficult to write at times, but it provides more benefits and can be reused. The last point cannot be applied to Objective-C.
  • “Playgrounds”

    “Playgrounds” is a feature that enables programmers to test out a new algorithm without having to create an entire app. Apple has added inline code execution to Playgrounds to help programmers create a piece of code or write an algorithm while getting feedback. This feedback loop can improve the speed of coding through data visualization.
  • Fast Development

    One of the reasons why SWIFT is so popular, with this language, we can develop apps very quickly. It has a clean syntax that helps developers write, read and modify the code. All of these criteria give us the ability to develop great iOS apps.
  • Optimal Language Programming for Developing Business Apps

    After several tests and other activities, it has proven to be effective and therefore is considered one of the best programming languages for developing business applications. The Company (Apple) has got the most proficient developers on board, constantly working to make it more user-friendly.
  • Easier to scale the product and the team

    In addition to faster development time, you get a future-oriented product that can be expanded with new features as needed. This way, Swift projects are usually easier to scale. The fact that Apple is more likely to support Swift than Objective-C also deserves serious consideration for a long-term investment.
Swift vs Objective - C

Swift vs Objective - C

On the Google Trends graph, you can see the predominant position of Swift compared to one of the main competitors - Objective - C.

Our team provides

Our team helps you create the solutions that embody all of Swift’s strongest advantages.
  • Swift App Designing

    Design today is one of the most important tools for the marketing strategy of your business. And we are ready to help you develop a unique design style for your applications. We’re creating a design that your clients will love.
  • Custom Swift Apps Development

    We take charge of all aspects of application development, including consulting, recruitment, strategy and design, UX/UI development, QA, and technical delivery. We will make sure that the development of your application pays off your investment.
  • Swift Migration

    We can help you improve the architecture, logic, and performance of your Objective-C apps by migrating them to Swift. If you are not ready for a full migration, the interoperability allows you to seamlessly integrate functions ported to Swift into Objective-C code. We can help you complete this migration perfectly and securely.

Why should you choose us?

When we start working on a project, we analyze it very carefully and select a suitable solution for the client that will improve the business and match the budget. We understand what competition in the IT market is now – services, so we decided to position ourselves in such a way as to be competitive. Strong Swift skills and deep experience allow us to ensure the delivery of a great app or any other product written in Swift.
  • We have been in the IT services market for over 10 years and have learned a lot. Thus, by contacting us, you will receive for cooperation not only a high-quality IT company, but also reliable business partners.
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  • 85% of our developers are middle and senior level developers so you can be sure of our expertise, since we have extremely experienced and responsible specialists. A great advantage for you can be the fact that we are from Ukraine because in such a case you will spend objectively less money working with us. But at the same time the quality of our work is not inferior. And don’t worry, despite the fact that we are from Ukraine, all our team knows English well so we will have problems in communication.
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