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One of the most powerful frameworks for the JavaScript language is mostly used by developers across the world.


What is ReactJS?

What is ReactJS? What is ReactJS?
React was created by Meta, but is widely used by a variety of companies. It is often compared to frameworks like Angular or Vue.js but follows a more lightweight approach. Developers love it for its high scalability, security, and flexibility. Users love it for its native-like, seamless experience.

Benefits of using ReactJS

ReactJS is really popular and great technology, it is used in many big companies, such as BBC, Netflix, Dropbox, Coursera, IMDb, PayPal, Dailymotion, Chrysler, American Express, Intuit, Khan Academy, Lyft, Atlassian, New York Times, Reddit, etc. Referring to all those companies, we can firmly say that all of them have already seen the pros of this framework and used them for their own benefit.
  • SEO friendly

    Another ReactJS benefit is its ability to deal with a common search engine failure to read JavaScript-heavy apps. As a solution, React can run on the server, rendering and returning the virtual DOM to the browser as a regular webpage. Though some improvements have taken place at Google, we shouldn't forget about other search engine platforms, like Yahoo, Bing, or Baidu. Moreover, we need to take into account various microformat web use-cases, like Open Graph, Twitter Cards, etc., because Facebook, Slack, or Twitter won't execute your JS and mainly depend on SSR.
  • The facilitation of easy maintenance and updates

    When you build a web application using React, a major benefit that you get is that the web app is easy to maintain. You can reuse system components in React apps, and this is one of the unique features of ReactJS. The reusability feature makes code manipulation more manageable and provides a much better look to the app code, enhancing its scalability.
  • Easy transition to mobile with React Native

    React facilitates the smoothest transition from the web to mobile, as the code written in ReactJS is easily compatible with React Native. React Native is one of the fastest and most efficient mobile app development environments. It has also become common for startups to use React Native for building an MVP. It works on the same principles as ReactJS, except for the fact that it does not manipulate the DOM with a virtual DOM, but uses Native views instead.
  • Stability

    Since ReactJS uses downward data flow, it has a more stable core. Whenever you do any changes in child structure, the parent structure remains unaffected by the changes. So, whenever your ReactJS developers want to change an object, they only have to modify the state, make amendments, and only then proceed further with updating. This structure ensures that the code is stable and delivers a smooth app performance.
  • Boosts Project Performance

    The Virtual DOM referenced before insistently speeds up current web applications since it dispenses with the use of code-weighty frameworks. For instance, jQuery and other bootstrapping libraries. ReactJS itself is adequate in making great-looking front-end ideas, and joining with its super-quick delivery abilities is a characteristic fit for organizations to use in their services. ReactJS is very beneficial to companies, especially those who are dealing with web and mobile app development. With its compatibility and reusability factors, developers find coding and testing quite flexible as well. All that makes ReactJS the most favorable framework to use, nowadays.
  • Cost - efficient

    When it comes to developing a software application for your own company, creating an in-house team becomes expensive. Therefore, the majority of businesses prefer to outsource ReactJS app development companies for their projects. This saves a lot of money that goes behind hiring a ReactJS developer, paying his office expenses, subscribing to various tools, paying electricity bills, and more. In outsourcing, a ReactJS developer comes on board after passing an interview and helps you in creating a perfect business solution without any hassle. They even charge fees for the hours they work on your project and not for the entire day.
ReactJS vs AngularJS

ReactJS vs AngularJS

On the Google Trends graph, you can see the predominant position of ReactJS while comparing it with its main rival AngularJS.

Our team provides

Competence in ReactJS does not start with the code. It is important to focus on the business ideas and requirements. Our team thoroughly dives into the project's details in order to choose the right direction of development before the kick-off. This helps to create a product within the specified business goals and deadlines.
  • Custom Web Applications

    We understand that your business needs effective solutions, and what needs to be developed for you must be high-quality, infrastructure-efficient, and designed with scalability in order to translate into tangible business benefits.
  • Custom Web Services

    Web Services are application components used to communicate and exchange data between systems or apps using open protocols. We know how to meet your expectations. We make sure your digital journey with us brings you extreme value and makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • MVP Development

    Creating an MVP is a great tool to test your product and whether you need to improve it. By developing an MVP, we will help you get rid of the risks of draining your budget and also give you the opportunity to show your product to the market and get feedback from your audience. With React.js, delivering MVP is super time and cost-efficient, not to mention the effectiveness.

Why should you choose us?

85% of developers in RIVO AGENCY are Middle and Senior Engineers. This allows you to partner with experienced professionals who love to solve complex problems and make life easier for clients. These are full-time specialists, not freelancers, therefore, they behave responsibly towards the client, and you can be sure of the quality of their work. Moreover, the majority of our projects were done using ReactJS along with Redux. So in these technologies, we have rather huge expertise and skills. It, in turn, guarantees the most suitable and beneficial cooperation for you.
  • Despite the fact that we are from Ukraine, we all speak English well. Therefore, we will not have problems in building communication.
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  • It should also be said that we have reasonably low prices for our services, but the quality of our work is high. See for yourself.
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