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One of the top NoSQL database programs that makes life for both developers and clients much easier because of its great functionality and appliance.


What is MongoDB?

What is MongoDB? What is MongoDB?
MongoDB is one of the most powerful NoSQL databases, and at the same time, it is a robust technology that is recommended when developing scalable web applications that require a large database to store big amounts of data. If the user is looking for the best availability, fast processing, good backup, and zero information loss, then MongoDB is the best solution to use. MongoDB is a database that came into being around the mid-2000s, and it is still among the top DBs in the development world.

Benefits of using MongoDB

MongoDB has a number of advantages that bring benefits to both programmers and business owners
  • Budget - friendly

    Benefit from a simple and predictable pricing structure based on the network traffic. You only pay for the use of the database, which is billed by the hour. This comprehensive offering includes several services plans to suit different requirements.
  • Change-friendly technology

    MongoDB is designed for change. We spend a lot of time and effort designing efficient processes and learning from our mistakes, but usually, the database slows things down. There’s no downtime required to change schemas, and you can start writing new data to MongoDB at any time without interruption.
  • High score

    Deploy your ready-to-use MongoDB cluster in just a few clicks. Meet the needs of your developers with a seamless and consistent experience, including must-have features like the JSON data model and query language.
  • Scalability

    The MongoDB environments are very scalable. Companies around the world have identified clusters, some of which have over 100 nodes with millions of documents in their database.
  • Globality

    MongoDB allows developers to create clusters that are globally distributed and offer low latency write and read access to users in all parts of the world. In addition, technology has a huge community all over the world, so when you create a project with this technology, you have nothing to worry about because you can always find a competent developer to help you.
  • Productivity and Security

    This technology has a deep query capability. MongoDB supports dynamic document queries using a document-based query language that is almost as powerful as SQL. Security is more important than ever and MongoDB offers a range of security features including SSL, dormant encryption, firewall, and network peering.
MongoDB vs OrientDB

MongoDB vs OrientDB

On the Google Trends graph, you can see the predominant position of MongoDB in comparison to OrientDB.

Our team provides

RIVO AGENCY developers have deep knowledge and skills using MongoDB and other DB like MySQL and so on in different projects and that allows us to affirm that we will provide the best solutions regarding DB. The main things that we can do are:
  • Consulting

    You have to get good information before you make a decision. Therefore, we will be happy to advise you either on this technology usage or offer you something else if it will be more convenient for you. We are on the side of your business and interested to provide the best solutions we can.
  • Integration

    We can help you integrate MongoDB with the web, mobile, social, and IoT apps that are necessary for the successful work of your business.
  • Integration with Enterprise Applications

    We will help you integrate MongoDB databases into enterprise applications and solutions because MongoDB has good characteristics for this, such as scalability, security and availability.

Why should you choose us?

We can help you if you are looking not just for executors for your project, but for reliable partners who care about how your business. The main thing for us is the technological solutions that we are able to provide to your business and applying MongoDB makes good use in this regard. As far as this technology is popular enough we started to successfully implement it in some of our projects and as time shows our tech solutions were right and smooth.
  • We have expertise in IT for more than 10 years, so during this time we have already realized our mistakes at the beginning of the path and have already learned how to do everything conscientiously.
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  • And by the way, we are from Ukraine. Therefore, it will not be a secret for you that you will save a lot. Nevertheless, our developers have already proven the level of education and quality of work, and it is in no way inferior to our colleagues from other parts of the world. We will be glad to become your partners to achieve the highest goals.
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