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One of the most popular open-source relational database management systems nowadays that becomes crucial for modern and effective back-end development.


What is MySQL?

What is MySQL? What is MySQL?
To say shortly, MySQL is a relational database management system. MySQL was created by Swedish developers in 1994. It was released under a free license, but the company was later absorbed by Oracle. MySQL is not unique in its kind. There are plenty of such programs. But database management systems are often associated specifically with Swedish development. It got to the point that database servers with any software, sometimes called MySQL. All thanks to its popularity and recognition among large corporations. It is used by Facebook, YouTube, Google, and thousands of other IT companies.

Benefits of using MySQL

MySQL has a number of benefits that help this DB to stand out among its rivals and keep the first place in usage. Those benefits are:
  • High Performance

    MySQL has an excellent storage engine structure that helps system administrators tune the MySQL database server to run flawlessly. Whether it's an e-commerce website that receives a million requests every day, or a high-speed transaction processing system, MySQL is can satisfy even the most demanding applications, while providing optimal speeds, full-text indexes, and unique memory caches for improved performance.
  • MySQL is Inexpensive

    Since the MySQL database software is free to download from the official portal and comes pre-installed on most hosting servers, it’s not expensive to use or maintain it.
  • Easy to interact

    When it comes to relational databases, we have a wide selection. At a higher level, sophisticated industry-level products such as Oracle, SQL Server are presented, they are feature-rich and complex. In addition, they require dedicated DBAs to operate. In comparison with those, MySQL is much easier to use and handle.
  • Portability

    MySQL is a cross-platform database. It can run on different platforms like Linux, Solaris, Windows, etc. It is a good choice for those projects that target multiple platforms, in particular web applications. In fact, MySQL is part of the famous LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) server stack, which is used all over the world for developing web applications. MySQL supports many platforms with different languages like C, C ++, PHP, PERL, JAVA, Python, etc.
  • High availability

    Today, in the world of competitive marketing, the key point of an organization is the existence and operation of its system. Any disruption or downtime directly affects the business and income; therefore, high availability should not be overlooked. MySQL is reasonably reliable and always available using cluster and replication configurations. Clustered servers handle failures instantly and manage the failover portion to keep your system available most of the time. If one server goes down, it redirects the user's request to another node and performs the requested operation.
  • Security

    This is always important for businesses as they need to protect sensitive data and defend it from cyberattacks. MySQL offers encryption using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, data masking, authentication plugins, and other layers of security to protect data integrity. The Enterprise package also includes a firewall to protect data from cyberattacks.


On the Google Trends graph, you can see the predominant position of MySQL compared to one of the competitors – SQLite.

Our team provides

The popularity of MySQL is not accidental. It gives the best service in comparison with other technologies like GraphQL or MongoDB until you realize you need something more powerful. Or it will always be one and only for you, as well as for a million webmasters around the world. From our side, we can offer you such services as:
  • Architecture & Design

    We can help you develop the best MySQL database applications through a thorough analysis of your business and flawless execution of architecture and design.
  • Performance Tuning

    We eliminate any MySQL performance issues, through the execution of query optimization, index tuning, caching and buffer tuning, hot spot & identification of bottlenecks.
  • MySQL Migration

    To help you migrate, we evaluate your current IT setup, identify challenges of transferring trial data to MySQL, and benchmark and load tests against sample queries.

Why should you choose us?

In our company, we use MySQL on the daily basis, either for clients' projects or for our own CRM. That means that we have a wide range of experience using this DB and that, in turn, lets us build decent products because with our expertise we are able to apply the best solutions for customers.
  • We can say with confidence that you can be sure of our reliability as a company. And we will draw up all the necessary documents to formalize the quality assurance of the work done for you. Our tech specialists invest a lot of effort in their professional development so we are confident in them.
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