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Open-source data query and manipulation language for APIs, and a runtime for fulfilling queries with existing data.


What is GraphQL?

What is GraphQL? What is GraphQL?
GraphQL is a query language for the API and runtime to execute these queries with the available data. GraphQL provides a complete and clear description of the data in your API, gives customers the ability to query exactly what they need, and nothing more, facilitates API development over time, and provides powerful tools for developers. Apps using GraphQL are fast and stable because they control the data they get, not the server. That's why GraphQL it's a good idea for many business projects.

Benefits of using GraphQL

GraphQL is a very powerful tool and stands in one line with such technologies as MongoDB and MySQL, so there are several reasons to use it in your projects.
  • Better Developer Experience

    The GraphQL ecosystem comes with a number of tools that make working with GraphQL a breeze. Tools such as GraphiQL and GraphQL Playground provide a rich experience, allowing developers to inspect and test APIs with minimal effort through self-documentation features. Also, code generation tools like GraphQL Code Generator can be used to further accelerate development.
  • High Speed

    Creating an API using GraphQL is very efficient; efficiency lends itself well to speed, which means your customers are waiting around collectively less. Speed is highly correlated with better software engagement since customers aren’t waiting around for requests to complete. For websites and apps, it’s also a major factor in SEO. And both SEO and customer engagement contribute directly to revenue and company perception. Faster apps mean better business.
  • One request - many resources

    Another useful feature of GraphQL is the ease of obtaining all the necessary data in one query. The structure of GraphQL servers allows declarative data retrieval, as GraphQL provides only one endpoint.
  • Easy to use

    GraphQL provides a rather simple for the understanding of interface that will make the work of anyone much faster. UI here is convenient, and any user gets used to it rather fast, and that brings a good UX.
  • GraphQL is dynamic

    One of the major benefits of GraphQL is the dynamism of the API, which allows you to define it quickly. Consequently, the frontend and backend teams can work more cordially with enhanced productivity. And the turnaround time for projects becomes faster.
  • Visual tool for app prototyping

    GraphQL from its core name is something more than a new API standard. Some users describe it as a tool for the specification of new solutions. Thanks to graph sourcing, we can visualize the existing database schema and show existing solutions on the screen. From the other side, you can prototype new business applications. With a visualized graph, possibilities are endless.


On this graph, we can see how the popularity of GraphQL has grown in 5 years. Now GraphQL has a stable position in the market.

Our team provides

GraphQL is a great modern technology that is great for applications with many domain entities (for example, e-commerce applications that have users, orders, payments, etc.). We can also help you with the development of:
  • API Design and Architecture

    Working with us, you choose experienced in GraphQL developers who will help you plan and develop the integration of API – interfaces for your business applications.
  • Data Integration

    Make your existing tech stack work faster and more efficiently. We will help you add GraphQL to the existing stack that will help you to access, process, and maintain data from your business systems through the API using the GraphQL gateway.
  • Automated API

    In that regard, we can build scalable and automated APIs in real-time. Our team will create a unique source and central data graphic that suits your applications.

Why should you choose us?

Our professional team has vast experience in building great digital solutions. We provide full-cycle development and help our clients to form up the vision and idea and realize it using the most effective tech stack. We do everything according to the needs and wishes of our customers for them to get the best products and to increase their businesses using it.
  • You can cooperate with us at outstaff by choosing the developer you need or a development team, or we are ready to take responsibility for your outsourcing project. You can entrust us with your project, as 85% of us employ middle and senior level developers. We also have junior developers, but they work according to their experience and knowledge objectives.
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