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Node.js is one of the most popular technologies in today's world, especially in Silicon Valley. Huge brands like PayPal, Netflix, Linkedin are using Node.js due to its functionality and great performance.


What is Node.js and for what Node.js is best for?

What is Node.js and for what Node.js is best for? What is Node.js and for what Node.js is best for?
Node.js is a server-side runtime environment used to build fast and scalable applications. It is lite and lets you create a web server in just a few minutes. Ryan Dahl, the inventor of Node.js, states that being inspired by Gmail, his goal was to create a system for building websites with real-time push capability. So the event-driven paradigm became the heart of Node. Unlike the previous “request/response” paradigm, finally, developers gained the possibility to make 2-way connection websites (client and server) with free data exchange. The Node.js framework is commonly used for non-blocking and event-driven servers due to its single-threaded nature. This technology is often used for traditional websites and backend API services that include real-time solutions and push-based architectures. Node.js development is flexible enough to work for big companies with large-scale projects, given its microservices features. It can also serve well to smaller startups, given its scalability and lower development costs. A wide range of industries successfully use Node.js, including online entertainment, e-commerce, real estate, payment services, and online publishing.

Benefits of using Node.js

Node.js is one of the most popular technologies among software developers, and it has a number of advantages that make it the right choice for many businesses and projects.
  • Node.js for the real time apps

    Node.js helps applications where speed is essential and scalability requires continuous focus, with its event-driven features and non-blocking I/O. Node.js offers constant two-way connections to applications like forums, social media, stock exchange software, and ad servers. For real-time, data-intensive apps and IoT devices, Node.js is considered the technology of choice as it is scalable and quick as well.
  • Strong Corporate Support

    In 2015, a number of companies, including IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, Fidelity, SAP, organized the Node.js Foundation. It is an independent community whose goal is to promote the development of Node.js core tools. The Node.js Foundation was created to accelerate the development of Node.js, and it was intended to ensure its wide distribution. There is a continuous growth of organizations that use Node.js in production. It includes almost three hundred well-known companies such as Medium, Uber, etc.
  • High productivity and usability

    The microservices feature of Node.js divides different aspects of the app into separate services, each of which handles different tasks. This process makes it easier to scale apps and implement additional functions if needed. For the full-stack JavaScript application development, you can code with one common programming language for both frontend and backend. This convenience makes it easier to send data between server and client and facilitate instant data synchronization.
  • Fast-to-market-development

    Node’s basis in JavaScript brings many benefits to the table, especially the ease at which developers can add more features and predesigned tools and templates. In fact, it has an extensive package management library, with thousands of open-source options that can be added to your app project immediately. These pre-packaged options not only reduce the time of market delivery, but also reduce your programming budget, as well. This is a bottom-line benefit that can’t be ignored, when evaluating Node’s pros and cons.
  • Low development cost

    The serverless feature allows apps to scale automatically in response to the traffic spikes. As a result, you only pay for the services when the functions are used, not all the time, resulting in lower costs than with standard server architecture.
  • Rich ecosystem

    One word – npm. A default Node.js package manager, it also serves as a marketplace for open source JavaScript tools, which play an important role in the advance of this technology. With about 836,000 libraries available in the npm registry as of now, and over 10,000 new ones being published every week, the Node.js ecosystem is really rich. The same stats point out that 97 % of modern web applications consist of npm modules, and that's proof of Node.js undisputable popularity among developers.
Ruby on Rails vs Node.js

Ruby on Rails vs Node.js

On the Google Trends graph, you can see the predominant position of Node.js in comparison to Ruby on Rails

Our team provides

We use Node.js to build high-performance and unique web applications for businesses who need fast product release on time and with strictly defined budget
  • Node.js Mobile Development

    Our team has a vast experience in Node.js as well as other JS frameworks. That means, if you need a fast and highly scalable application, we can lend a hand here. We can build a custom mobile application that will bring you nothing but satisfaction using JS frameworks for both creating front-end and back-end as well.
  • Node.js Applications

    Node.js give a wide range of spheres to apply it. For example, using this technology a developer can create a back-end for a site, mobile or desktop application. Due to its popularity and a vast of libraries, it is possible to create almost everything that a client wants. Our team knows and uses all the benefits of Node.js, so if you need an application, we definitely can build it for you and provide the top quality possible.
  • Custom Node.js Software Development Solutions

    In addition to apps, Node.js gives the opportunity to create custom software solutions. So using this framework, it becomes possible to create the software to any taste. Regarding us, we can say that we have already enough expertise in building custom software and to our mind, Node.js is one of the most suitable frameworks to work with, nowadays.

Why should you choose us?

Our company works with lots of technologies and Node.js is one of them. In addition, we have already created digital solutions of any kind like apps, software, and so on using Node.js. Our expertise is proven in our projects and believe, we do justify all the expectations you may have because we appreciate our name as professionals. If you want to get more info on the technologies we use, read about one of them – jQuery.
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  • As for the Node.js-based project development needs, you can hire our team to develop a complete project or just Node.js developer(-s) for the outstaff. Transparency is what we can guarantee you because we understand how important it is for our clients to be aware of everything that happens within their projects. That’s why we’re going to keep you apprised of what’s going on during the project development. We don’t work with freelancers. Only with full-time employees, 85% of whom are middle and senior level developers. Therefore you can be sure that your project is not in the hands of beginners.
  • First of all, you pay us for the experience and high qualification of our developers. We believe that success of all projects depends on the quality level of building communication between the company and the client. Therefore you will work with the developers with strong technical skills and advanced soft skills with a high level of communication. Don’t worry, despite the fact that we are from Ukraine we have a good level of English so we will have no problems with the communications.
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