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PHP is more than a programming language, it is an ecosystem of components that allow any developer to build an outstanding, dynamic digital product. It is so widely used nowadays that for any IT company, it is an absolute have to have the devs with PHP skills and knowledge of its frameworks.


What is PHP?

What is PHP? What is PHP?
PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is particularly suited to web development purposes. Fast, flexible, and pragmatic, PHP empowers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world. PHP alone is not enough. PHP also consists of numerous libraries developed and supported by the community, and a number of popular frameworks, such as Drupal, Symfony, and Laravel, which can be used to create advanced projects. You can use PHP in all business industries. We have most experience in E-commerce projects, Logistics, and Healthcare the most, so we can say that PHP is a good choice in these industries.

Benefits of using PHP

When you choose IT solutions for your business, you want to be sure that they are quick and convenient for you and your clients. And that this solution is promising and not obsolete for future years. By picking PHP, you can close all your needs at once because of its wide functionality. And even more than that.
  • PHP web development is cost-efficient

    If you have a limited budget because of some reasons, with PHP there are no redundant costs. Time is money, and PHP developers complete tasks so quickly that you not only get decent products quickly but also save a bit of your budget. Furthermore, the quality of digital solutions will still be high despite the speed of development.
  • SEO friendly

    Programming languages like PHP can actually make your website more efficient and easier to manage – which is good for SEO. It is the way you build your website overall, strategically, and with visible content, that makes your website search-engine-friendly. Quality content is the foundation of your SEO worthiness. PHP is just one of many technologies used to build websites in a dynamic way – to pull and display content from a database-driven application, for example.
  • High Performance

    PHP allows developers to significantly speed up the wireframing stage due to the lesser amount of interdependencies while retaining the same functionality and productivity levels. It’s also easier to assemble a PHP team in a short time because due to PHP's popularity, a lot of developers know it or took it as the first programming language to learn.
  • Very popular Compatibility with cloud services

    Nowadays, many modern products tend to use cloud computing solutions like Amazon Web Services, for various purposes. Applications written in PHP are supported by different cloud services, such as AWS Lambda, for example. Thus, a PHP application can be deployed on a cloud server and achieve excellent scalability and other beneficial effects. Even more, the area of cloud computing is not monopolized by other coding languages, so PHP has taken its place in such implementations.
  • Gives Web Developer More Control

    Compared to other programming languages, PHP allows a developer to have more control. Other programming languages are bogged down by long, complicated scripts, but this is not PHP compliant. PHP is also complicated, it's true, but its structure and syntax allow seeing the whole picture more clearly and control the process more efficiently. In addition, PHP allows tags, and therefore, website developers can add and mix code in HTML tags, making the content extremely dynamic.
  • Security

    Built-in features and tools of PHP frameworks make it easier to protect digital products from external attacks and security threats. Security threats can include SQL input, data spoofing, and so on. To protect against these threats, the developers use PHP frameworks to develop web applications and pages.
PHP vs JavaScript

PHP vs JavaScript

On the Google Trends graph, you can see the predominant position of PHP in comparison with the JavaScript

Our team provides

PHP is preferred by global organizations such as Wikipedia, Facebook, and WordPress for efficient development. In a highly competitive business environment, it is more important than ever to consider solutions such as developing PHP applications to keep up with the competition in order to remain reliable in the future. PHP and MySQL continue to be one of the fastest-growing technologies for creating dynamic software and apps. We have experience and expertise for more than 10 years, that's why we can help you with the development of unique and custom software.
  • PHP Custom Apps

    Due to its effectiveness and easiness, PHP has gained a lot of fans among developers. Moreover, with the constant development of the language and its frameworks, there are more and more options in development. That, in turn, gives the opportunity to find the best solutions and build unique digital products for customers to meet all their requirements. So if our client needs something just for him, something unrepeatable that would do life better, we can build it without any problems.
  • CRM and ERP Systems

    After analyzing your niche and business goals, we will offer a solution that will simplify your life, but at the same time improve the work of the entire company. Based on your wishes, we can develop a unique CRM or ERP system for you, which will help optimize customer service processes. Thus allowing you to scale and attract new customers, increase knowledge about your target audience, and consequently improve customer service and increase sales. With our solutions, clients free up a lot of energy for themselves and their daily lives.
  • PHP based E-commerce

    We will help you find a custom solution to improve your e-commerce. Our team will make it possible for you to sell online a lot, and your clients will be happy to cooperate with you through the platform that we can build for you. Our team can help you transform and level up your business by developing and launching digital products for you.

Why should you choose us?

We are a team with a vast experience in PHP and its frameworks. Most of our developers have started their careers using exactly this programming language. Taking into account that we have more than 10 years of experience, our dev team is able to find the best solutions for our customers, taking into account all their needs, wishes, and desires and do everything to justify their trust and expectations.
  • We can audit an existing solution and identify what is lacking and what needs to be improved. We offer you to follow trends in your industry together. Our team wants to help your business scale and develop in the technological future. RIVO AGENCY works with more than 100 projects in different business niches. That's why we think that we know something about PHP.
  • Depending on your wishes and project variety, we can help you with an outsourcing project or choose a PHP developer to work with. Don't worry, despite the fact we are from Ukraine. We know English well, that's why you won't have any problems communicating with us. The geography of our clients includes Canada, the USA, Israel, and Australia, so we have a big international experience.
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