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One of the most popular libraries for React.JS for managing and centralizing application state.


What is Redux?

What is Redux? What is Redux?
In June 2015, Dan Abramov created Redux, which is based on Facebook’s Flux and the Elm programming language. The biggest change Abramov made in Redux was that he only used a single store and removed the dispatcher. Redux started when Facebook began having problems with the Model-View-Controller structure, which is a software design pattern that separates an application into three components: Model (data-related logic), View (UI logic for an application), and Controller (interface between Model and View). When Facebook needed to do massive scaling, the MVC structure began to fail them. As the result, we have now the most popular library for React and Angular for building IUs.

Benefits of using Redux

React-Redux development thus crafts highly robust applications that can transform your business in the best possible way.
  • Great supportive community

    Since Redux has a large community of users, it becomes easier to learn from best practices, get help when stuck, and reuse your knowledge across different applications. Also, there are a number of extensions for Redux that help in simplifying the code logic and improving the performance.
  • Debugging is easy in Redux

    Redux makes it easy to debug an application. By logging actions and state, it is easy to understand coding errors, network errors, and other forms of bugs that might come up during development.
  • Performance Benefits

    You might assume that keeping the app’s state global would result in some performance degradation. To a large extent, that’s not the case. React Redux implements many performance optimizations internally so that your own connected component only re-renders when it actually needs to.
  • Hook monitoring tools

    You can use hook monitoring tools for your application’s state monitoring in real-time. This improves visibility for your application and allows you to track different metrics.
  • Ease of testing

    The first rule of writing testable code is to write small functions that do only one thing and are independent. Redux`s code is mostly functions that are just that: small, pure and isolated.
  • Self Sufficient apps

    The applications made on React platforms require the inclusion of additional libraries. React-Redux together helps in optimizing routing, app state management, and API interactions. All these make the React App rich in features and self-sufficient.
Redux vs Recoil

Redux vs Recoil

On the Google Trends graph, the position of Redux and its growth compared to one of the competitors – Recoil.

Our team provides

Our professional React – Redux developers are fluent in the built-in system capabilities of Redux and React, and also in the best practices to reuse them across different applications. We can help you use the best Redux properties.
  • eCommerce Development

    Using the efficient properties of React - Redux our professional team of developers will help you create a modern e-commerce platform, website, or application that will meet all business requirements and your wishes. Using this JS framework, we can fetch RESTful API and add items to your cart.
  • Progressive web apps

    We will help you create a modern web application with a great mobile-first experience for your targeted audience. Our React-Redux development services focus on the CRUD concept and fuse Redux and Firebase to develop PWA for your business.
  • Enterprise web app solutions

    With Redux we will help you to create corporate solutions that will affect positively the efficiency and productivity of your business. We use our knowledge and experience to the fullest extent to implement the best solutions for you.

Why should you choose us?

We are proud of our experience in the IT market. We have been in the IT services for more than 10 years, which means that we have been through many changes and transformations in the industry. Now we approach each project more professionally from a deep analytical point of view and offer only what will work in the individual client project. Using React along with Redux allows us to create the top digital products for different customers from various niches and leave them satisfied by fulfilling all their wishes.
  • We have a professional team of React - Redux developers and they’re all middle and senior - level developers. We are also a very budget - friendly company and ready to consider cooperation with small budgets and help businesses.
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