WordPress development:

We chose most popular free platform which is perfect for website development as our speciality. It means we use our expertise to save development time and optimise website structure for future growth. Our WordPress development includes:


The prototype is created to show a client how the website will look like and work in future.

Visual design

We think that a website is not only a source of information, but also a special part of a company. That is why we pay special attention to the visual part of website building. A website should reflect the company’s style and attract customers at the same time.


Since you can access the internet via different devices, it is necessary to consider the fact that a website should always look correctly. We test our websites to see if they are shown flawlessly.



We offer different styles of interfaces for future websites. Nevertheless, there is a crucial requirement– interface should be ergonomic. An icon should be enough to understand what the button does.


A client can change the style of their website using one of templates. It is a fast and easy way to add a special touch to a website.

UX design

Interface should include the most important elements only. At the same time, a user should understand what an element does just by looking at an icon.

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