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What is jQuery?

What is jQuery? What is jQuery?
jQuery is a JavaScript library that helps to simplify and standardize interactions between JavaScript code and HTML elements. JavaScript allows websites to be interactive and dynamic, and jQuery is a tool that helps streamline that process. The jQuery Mobile technology is the platform through which web applications are made available for use on mobile and tablet devices, mostly finger-pointing. These applications are created without much effort using standard HTML5.

Benefits of using JQuery

jQuery is one of the tools that gives web designers great flexibility and control. This JavaScript library helps regulate and analyze the interaction between HTML elements and JavaScript code. It is most widely used by web developers and is valued for its flexibility, clarity, and conciseness. This eliminates most browser compatibility issues. Moreover, its syntax is pretty easy to learn and use, even if you make your first steps with it. Despite its easiness, jQuery is a powerful tool that can achieve goals much faster and with better quality. And jQuery has another advantage over why customers like it.
  • SEO Friendly

    The beautiful design of the website is important. But it is more essential when the website has unique effects that increase the sales and brings recognition to the company. Therefore, it is significant when any site has SEO – promotion support in Google. jQuery can be optimized for search engines, which are essential for any website or platform because it helps any business grow and go up in the Google search results.
  • Beautiful syntax

    jQuery provided great, reliable, and easy-for-use syntax that makes it more convenient and easy to pick the DOM elements on the web page that you want to develop with JavaScript and enables you to chain outcomes and activities together for effective code. It is a relief when you can replace dozens or more JavaScript lines with one line of jQuery code.
  • Pages load faster

    Search engines like Google use page load time as one of the major components of website rankings. In this way, jQuery allows you to load web pages faster and influence Google's position, which, of course, has a positive effect on the company's marketing strategy.
  • Utility features

    jQuery provides utility functions that help encode string iterations, truncate, manipulate arrays, and many other functions. These features provide seamless integration between JavaScript and jQuery. Thanks to these basic functions of the utility, the process of writing code will be seamless and simpler. It is important for website developers to learn jQuery, as it makes any specialist more efficient and brings comfort to work.
  • Open source library

    jQuery is an open-source library that is free and pretty well-supported in a variety of applications. This means that anyone can use it for its own purposes and create all the necessary things for future products like websites and so on.
  • Simplicity

    Most website developers find jQuery easy to learn and intuitive because the library is built for using simpler and shorter codes. With its open coding standards and simple syntax, web developers can shorten the time that it takes to deploy a site or application.
jQuery vs Prototype

jQuery vs Prototype

On the Google Trends graph you can see the predominant position of jQuery in comparison with the Prototype.

Our team provides

In general, jQuery is very beneficial for small and medium-sized projects. We will help you correctly apply all the advantages of jQuery to your project. As far as we have a team of developers who do really know how to use jQuery to meet the clients' needs we can develop websites, platforms, and mobile apps, and guarantee high quality along with easy maintenance of them.
  • jQuery Custom Mobile App

    The developers at RIVO AGENCY understand the importance of a mobile app for your business. Our team has a pool of talented application developers who can create a mobile application on any desired platform demanded by a client. We use our knowledge and experience to deliver great digital solutions to your business and increase your ROI with it.
  • Ajax App Development

    Our accumulated experience in the different technology areas including AJAX has enabled us to accomplish various AJAX applications in a timely manner to meet and exceed customer expectations and needs.
  • jQuery Integration

    We use jQuery to improve the efficiency and performance of digital products. We use features like animation and advanced element selection to optimize the UI and UX. jQuery makes DOM elements easy to manage, which is one of the few advantages of jQuery that our developers make use of to improve UI.

Why should you choose us?

Based on our 10 years of experience in IT development, we can say that we can really help business projects develop effective IT solutions. You can use our services and order a turnkey project where a full team is formed for your project, or you can hire a jQuery developer to outstaff. We offer you adequate prices of our specialists and, as a result, a product with high quality that will definitely meet your needs and justify all your expectations. We do not work with freelancers, we use just our own employees because we appreciate the trust of our clients and want to do the job correctly.
  • So you don’t have to worry that the freelancer’s out there - it’ll disappear without finishing its job.
  • And also don’t worry that we are from Ukraine. We speak English well so we will have no communication problems.
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