Best 6 anti-spam plugins for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular technologies today. Because of its robust development and strong popularity, it is frequently put under malware, spam, and other kinds of attacks. In order to protect websites and their data WordPress creators have developed a built-in filtration of span and other web trash that is integrated into an admin panel of WP. That was a great decision for some time but as practice shows, users felt the need for other, more powerful tools that could protect them. For that reason, WP security plugins appeared. So, in this post, we'd like to represent the best anti-spam plugins for WordPress.



If you will search for a security plugin for WordPress on the Internet, Akismet will be in the first place everywhere. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the devs who developed this plugin are those who have created That means that Akismet has the best compatibility with WP among other plugins. 

Furthermore, it has just great defense against spambots and comments as well as messages with spam. 

This plugin is one of the best decisions either for individuals or businesses because of its optimal functionality and affordable price for the premium version. 

All in all, it has such key features:

  • huge spam database
  • comment and contact forms defense
  • doesn’t affect a site’s performance
  • manual remove and approve comments
  • smooth work with Jetpack and Gravity Form Plugins
  • based on Cloud, so uses its own servers
  • auto spam filters
  • no CAPTCHA

Titan Anti-Spam & Security

Titan Anti-Spam

This isn’t a regular plugin for security, it is a real multitool for the protection of a website with a wide set of functionality.

You can effectively use it either for anti-spam or security activities. 

For example, it allows you to configure a firewall, make check performance, scan software, secure IP addresses, remove malware, and fix damaged files and folders. Also, it is able to examine your system files, WP themes, malware with links, and SEO spam as well.

In addition to that Titan has a nice and simple-to-get interface, so you won’t be lost in functionality.

It has such key features at disposal: 

  • brute force attacks protection
  • scheduled security checks
  • tech support 24/7
  • check all existing comments
  • spam prevention for comments and registration forms
  • no CAPTCHA
  • database with all kinds of spam
  • additional features in security

Stop spammers

Stop spammers

This plugin is one of the best killers of spam in WordPress. The main advantage of it is that it’s simple for understanding and usage and its functionality will surely delight you. Like other plugins, it aims to prevent and limit the number of login tries into the system as well as prevent spam in comments.

It has 50 different configuration settings and uses 20 diverse security checks. That gives you the chance to set the plugin directly to your needs. Also, it possesses such things as spam word block, checks and elimination of suspicious URLs and behavior, and allows blocking not only particular users but whole regions and countries.

It has such key features at disposal: 

  • suspicious behavior block
  • block of spam words, one-time emails, URL shorter links, and TLD
  • can be linked with external services for enhancing secure services
  • firewall protection on the server level
  • notification control
  • import and export of settings
  • built-in contact form

Antispam bee

Antispam bee

This is a totally simple but rather effective anti-spam plugin that is worthy of being included in this list. It is fully free but in spite of that, it provides great anti-spam solutions. 

Using it, you’ll be able to estimate each part of messages, and look through and analyze texts, user images, and IP addresses as well. Also, you can approve that checked and trusty users and accumulate all the spam that attempted to penetrate the system.

Altogether it has particular key features as:

  •  gathering the stats for the last 30 days and creating a graphic with spam counter and intensity
  • admin notifications
  • spammers databases
  • black and white lists of users
  • detailed settings on language, country, time, and so on

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security

This is another anti-spam plugin with a standard functionality but it has a particular feature. This feature is the protection of a website from malicious code and data loss. All in all, this plugin has an error log and works as a simple antivirus as well. 

Key features of BulletProof Security:

  • open errors stats
  • spam comments are removed immediately
  • strong protection for login 
  • scan of code to detect malware and malicious code
  • auto-creation of white lists

WP Cerber

WP Cerber

One of the most powerful plugins to secure your webpage from spam and malware. Once installed this plugin allows encrypting forms, indicating and removing spam comments, and sorting them out.

In addition to that, you will get a strong defense against external threats, spam bots, data breaches, and attacks from spammers through surveys, emails, forms, and further.

WP Cerber key features:

  • logging of hackers, bots, and user’s activity
  • recovery of files
  • website auto scan
  • login tries limitation
  • multilayer protection
  • examination and filtration of IP addresses


To make a long story short, you can see that there are plenty of ways how you can protect your website and data from different kinds of threats. The choice of the best anti-spam plugin depends on your goals, potential threats, and the budget you’re ready to pay.

In case you still have no idea what anti-spam plugin to choose turn to RIVO AGENCY. We are bright and experienced in WordPress and everything related to it, so we will pick up the best security solution for you.

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