Main differences between ReactJS and React Native

Nowadays, ReactJs and React Native have become two pillars of modern web and web development. Both of them have pretty similar names and were launched by Meta, so for some people and even developers it is sometimes not clear and confusing what is the difference between them and what they can be used for. For that reason, some people consider them one technology and ask for "ReactJS native services". In order to clear that out let's take a look at the main differences between ReactJS and React Native.

What is ReactJS?

What is ReactJS

One of today’s most famous JS libraries nowadays is React, sometimes known as ReactJS. Startups and huge organizations utilize it to create SPAs (single-page applications). Moreover,  React is used for mobile app development.  The most bright examples here are Facebook and Instagram. 

ReactJS is a library that was created primarily for constructing the display layer of online and mobile apps. It makes use of reusable components to build a more strong system for its apps. Having a strong and wide functionality like React hooks and React push notifications is so nice that people sometimes think that this technology is not a library but a React framework.

Since its launch React has gathered a lot of fans and created a strong community of React developers across the world.

Business benefits of ReactJS development

Reusable components

Among the most noticeable features of Reactjs is its option to reuse components. Engineers may avoid writing duplicate code for related app components by using reusable codes. This allows for speedier development at a lesser cost.

Furthermore, the component-based architecture removes the need for regular debugging React. If you change one aspect of an app, it has no effect on the others. As a result, this technology saves a significant amount of time for debugging and testing.


Since you simply get data directly from a server, you require further than HTML. ReactJS generates HTML with JavaScript. The benefits of this method much outweigh the negatives.

Devs may utilize JS to build HTML thanks to notable front-end development features of ReactJS. To render HTML visually, it applies the tree reconciling methods.

This approach speeds up the web app by eliminating the need to repeatedly renew the entire DOM entries.

Unidirectional data flow and code stability

ReactJS employs one-way data binding that assures that changes in child elements have no effect on parental ones.

As a result, every component will be complete and independent. Slight changes simply need data model modifications, not really the complete state.

When a new update is added, this leaves a large portion of the program unmodified. As a consequence of the very stable code, ReactJS apps are significantly simpler to manage.

Nice SEO

Using ReactJS improves web applications and makes them SEO-friendly.  That sure thing affects the indexing of your web pages and apps and helps them to move up in Google searches.

Furthermore, developers may quickly create SEO-friendly webpages with React Helmet, React Router, and so on.

What is React Native?

What is React Native

Meta created React Native as an open-source framework to satisfy the company’s rising mobile demands. React Native is extremely useful for developing native and cross-platform mobile apps with JS reusable components. That means that developing on React Native allows you to run your app on various platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.  It should be mentioned that ReactJS is a basis for React Native, the only thing that differs is the library components.

Business benefits of React Native development

Cross-platform code

One of the benefits of adopting React Native for mobile app development is that you can quickly make your app run on different platforms. Also, it has one cool feature to embrace. This is the functionality for building platform-specific code. As a result, if you develop an MVP using React Native with this advantage you will short the development time significantly.

Contrary to other frameworks that are created for a particular platform, React Native is recognized for utilizing a single core API, flex-box (built on a CSS idea), to give one API either for Android or iOS.

Hot reload

React Native includes all of the benefits of ReactJS, as well as the Hot Reload function and improved UI. Because of these characteristics, developers may refresh a mobile app with no manual interference, saving valuable time and speeding up the process of development.

Single language

Thanks to the usage of a single language it reduces a lot of time not only for developers but also there is no need to find some additional specialists anymore. JavaScript is an amazing programming language and with the existence of Node.js, it has expanded to the server side of development. Creating projects with JS and React Native as well allows for developing great and robust apps in a short period of time without any additional headaches.

Accessible UI libraries for great UX

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of your application is the user interface. Your project may provide a seamless UX to its consumers by utilizing ready-to-use libraries. Using them allows you to save time, which you can use to concentrate on other important things. Libs like Expo, ShareJS, and Shoutem can save a considerable amount of time compared to building applications from scratch.

ReactJS and React Native difference

We have disclosed the overall difference between these two great technologies and figured out their benefits to businesses. Now, it is time to compare them more closely.

ReactJS and React Native difference


Now, we hope you have a better understanding of the differences between these two amazing technologies and won’t be confused anymore. Both of them have their own pros and cons but still, they are the leaders in the market right now and definitely have a lot to offer. 

In RIVO AGENCY we use both of them and due to our own experience in ReactJS and React Native development, they are the best technologies that allow for making high-level digital products for our clients and make them happy with that.

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