Node.js project ideas for beginners

At some point in your study and becoming a developer, you need to practice a lot. You should not just solve the simple and separated tasks but create some pet projects that will make you use everything you have learned before and will have a direct impact on your portfolio and future job searches. At RIVO AGENCY we find pet projects the beast means to order your knowledge and skills, get an understanding of how everything actually works and learn things that are truly necessary at work. So, this time we want to introduce you to our Node.js project ideas for beginners.

Portfolio app

Node.js app

I guess it is a kind of tradition now when you have to develop a portfolio website or app at the very beginning of your work. Sounds rather trivial, eh? Yes, it can be so but despite this, the development of a portfolio app is just the perfect Node.js project if you have just started using Node.js. Moreover, creating such a project will make things easier during the job search. So you have to develop it in any case. 

Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Concentrate on the visual part and style of your app and the functions it might have. 
  2. Create the features and functions that will force you to use and dig deeper into Node.js

Chat app

Node.js chat app

Such projects as chat apps have second place in terms of popularity for beginners. Furthermore, even some companies when looking for a developer ask to create an app as a test task. So building it will serve you well during your job searches. 

Developing your own app with Node.js is still one of the most basic yet popular subjects for newbies. Node.js is perfectly suited for cross-platform apps that operate on both the client and server sides at the same time. Clients use virtual greetings and web socket to submit ordinary HTTP queries to the server at first, after which they may directly communicate any data. You may improve your chat app’s capabilities by incorporating registration systems, chat recordings, and online/offline chat flags in the same way as your current chat app does.

All in all, it would be nice to include such features: 

  • login/logout
  • Undo, archive, and delete chat
  • data transfer in real-time
  • voice and video chat.

Gaming app

Node.js gaming app

Isn’t it delightful to create an uncomplicated gaming app? Creating the game software of your choice takes only basic programming knowledge and is an excellent blend of fun, work, and study. To begin, learn Node.js programming by utilizing to provide communication between customer and server in real-time.  You may also include an applet that aggregates game progress from different customers. For bigger apps, you may create a CSS stylesheet and include more UI components. That’s everything you might need to know to create a simple but nice game app.

Web security

Web security in Node.js

Cyber security is one of the most perspective and important branches in development these days. Moreover, the number of skilled hackers is growing every day so all the customers pay a lot of attention there. Cyber security has a strong reputation and will be more and more important in the future so building a project in Node will be extremely useful.

From preventing XSS attacks to preventing data leaks to providing access control and safeguarding deserialization, Node.js modules and frameworks like Express.js enable developers and web security professionals to create complex things with strong protection of their vulnerabilities that is playing a key role for every customer.

To-do list

To-do list node

To-do list apps are easy to create, but they help you comprehend the fundamental ideas of coding. Simply build a blank page where users may enter the chores they need to perform during the day and accomplish them with checkboxes. Following that, arrays for finished and remaining tasks may be built. To create such an accessible application using Node.JS, little effort is required in the CSS with clean UI features. On that point, check using Express.js, which is among the most simple and user-friendly frameworks for newbies.

Task manager

node js development

A task manager app is a product that helps you handle your daily duties and maintain a seamless workflow. This program also necessitates the following  CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations. Create a primary index.js file to start the app, routers to give correct routing to different pathways, models that should store and keep data in a database, a  database to gather data, middleware to ensure authentication, and any additional packages required to run the app.

In that way, Node.exe will be the executable file with all of the tools required by software engineers to launch NodeJS apps inside. It’s ideal for applications that require a stable connection between the server and a browser. 

To create this app in a proper way you need to include several features as:

  • calendar
  • user authentification
  • task tracker
  • upload button for files
  • encrypted users’ passwords

Email sender

Email sender node

Every back end developer deals with emails sooner or later. So learning how you can send and schedule emails in Node.js will be a crucial skill to get.

In order to do things easier, you can use Nodemailer. This is the plugin that makes emails’ sending much easier and provides different features as adding HTML and so on. Node.js is also used to generate the emails that receive throughout the process of user validation. The most prevalent transfer is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), which may be used to transfer incoming emails over the network. It also acts as a gateway service, allowing servers to send emails from one to another.

Create these features to make your project as good as possible:

  • notifications about received and delivered emails
  • attach file
  • sent email to many addresses
  • address book

Collaboration app

Collaboration app with node js

With a few more useful features added to your chat app, you can create a true collaboration app. Such apps must offer conferences, file sharing, project planning and management, and, most crucially, notifications in addition to text chat. The selected features appear to be substantial, however, they can be handled entirely with Node.js. Node asynchronous architecture is a perfect match for such apps because there, the I/O requests are occurring simultaneously. 


Practice makes perfect, we all know that. And believe, every great developer stood at the point where you are now and was thinking over the project to practice. Our Node.js developers have also gone through this path before getting a real Node.js project and started creating some custom software and CRMs. Take your time, and create a project to make your skills better and your knowledge deeper. This is the only way to grow from a newbie to a great developer. 

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