Node.js: what is it used for?

Because of its popularity, more and more businesses and developers tend to create products with Node.js. It indeed provides a lot of benefits like easy learning, huge community, scalability, excellent ecosystem, robust development, and of course JavaScript. It is usually clear to developers why they learn and use this technology, but for some clients, it is totally indistinct. So, this time, we're going to cast lite on the cases where Node.js is used.



RTAs, or real-time applications, are frequently made using Node.js. Because of its asynchronous and event-driven architecture, back-end developers find it much simpler to deliver the degree of speed customers have grown to expect from contemporary real-time apps.

The Socket.IO library, which provides real-time, event-based, and bidirectional communication for a browser and a server, is frequently used for developing chat apps with Node.js. A group chat app may be created using Socket.IO in just several lines of code. And that is just amazing! 

Streaming apps

Streaming apps

It is extremely hard to handle your app especially when you’re streaming the content to thousands and millions of users across the globe. In order to make your app more efficient and level up the performance rates the best decision you can take is to move your API to Node.js. 

In case, you use this technology, you’ll receive a single language for both server-side and browser-side development. Also, you’ll get access to the asynchronous non-blocking I/O features that make real-time and streaming operations so simple and effective.

Command-line applications

Despite the fact, that such apps are not so popular large businesses are eager to create such apps for internal needs. Usually, the development of such an app takes a long period of time, but with Node.js, everything is much easier.

This technology has a lot of great libs and tools at its disposal that allows the development of command-line apps swift, uncomplicated, and definitely cost-effective.

Games for browsers

Games for browsers

For some of you, it can be surprising but using Node.js allows you to create some browser games. In order to do this, you have to be proficient in HTML5 and Socjet.IO, and then you will be able to develop multiplayer games for browsers.

Game developers may manage the complexity of multiplayer games more easily thanks to a number of tools provided by Node.js. One of them is EventEmitter, which you can use to work with custom events.

Additionally, Node.js enables programmers to share a significant amount of code across the client and the server.

Embedded methods

At the first glance, the sage of JS for creating microcontrollers and prototype IoT is a little bit weird. Despite this, hardware programming slowly moves to the usage of JS and Node.js, for sure. 

Node.js can now also run on low-cost, powerful microcontroller boards launched on the module called ESP32-WROVER thanks to low.js which has far reduced system requirements.

Complex SPAs

Complex SPAs

While the UX is similar to a desktop program, SPAs require the allocation of a whole application on a single page. Building social networking or mail services, online writing and graphics, and a variety of flexible webpages are all common uses for this sort of products. Due to its asynchronous data flow on the backend, Node.js app development is an excellent choice for creating SPAs in such circumstances.

In that way the event loop “catches” consecutive customer queries, resulting in a seamless data refresh. In actuality, it does away with the requirement of repeatedly renewing the website to obtain fresh info. In addition, several SPAs have been developed using various JS libraries and frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue.  These technologies together with  Node.js  use JS, which streamlines the development process by allowing for the reuse of front- and back-end elements and methods.



Node.js is an amazing technology for creating IoT products and projects. Node.js turns out to be a mighty, fast and robust technology that can handle a large amount of data. Moreover, it is rather simple to integrate this technology into the protocols of IoT. Furthermore, Node.js is enhanced with a vast of IoT modules, that will help developers to cope with the most difficult tasks. 



It is rather clear that now REST APIs have become the main pillar of modern enterprise software architecture building. The ground for this is the usage of the HTTP protocol. In this regard, Node.js together with Express.js provides the possibility to create lightweight and swift REST APIs. The usage of these two technologies has a number of advantages in comparison to others, for example:

  • easy JSON objects orientation
  • light conversion of JSON to MongoDB and so on. 


Node.js has plenty of ways to use in different projects to deliver the best solutions. Node.js allows the development and scaling of ambitious projects and provides efficiency, high-level performance, and sure thing top quality. Believe us, you won’t regret if you choose Node.js for your project because you will deliver the things that your customers want exactly. We know, what we are talking about because in RICO AGENCY, we use Node.js widely and with it, we deliver the only thing – the satisfaction of needs. So, go further and start using Node.js for your business.

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