ReactJS: pros and cons

Nowadays, ReactJS has become a technology that everyone wants to learn. It is an absolute leader in the realm of web development. But what are the reasons for such popularity? Does ReactJS have any disadvantages? Let's figure it out and cast light on ReactJS with its pros and cons.

Pros of ReactJS

First of all, let us discuss the advantages of ReactJS for it is the main thing that attracts developers to start using this amazing technology.

Easy learning curve

Easy learning curve

It is fact that ReactJS is pretty easy to learn. What is necessary for proper learning of this technology is a solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, and, sure thing JavaScript. You can also empower your skills with TypeScript which will make development even more powerful and bug-free. 

Contrary to other web development technologies such as Angular and Vue, ReactJS is really easier to learn, because it gives freedom and you don’t need to work under the strict rules that a framework forces you to follow. The structure of ReactJS makes it one of the simplest and most pleasant work technologies for developing different digital products.

Reusable components

Reusable components

This is one of the main reasons for ReactJS popularity. All the components of React are the bricks that build the whole application. In addition to all of that, a developer doesn’t need to create something from scratch, because it is possible to reuse an existing component. That, as a result, reduces the development and delivery time. Such components allow you to output small and reusable HTML code and thanks to the nesting you can build complex apps with simple and building elements.

SEO friendliness

One of the most important things for any website or app is SEO ranking. That is crucial for attracting people and representing your product to the world. Unfortunately, for some search engines, it gets hard to load an app because of heavy JS code and that harms the performance. But with ReactJS there is no such a problem anymore. Any app created with the help of React performs rather well. It reduces the loading time because the server takes care of JS and at the same time DOM works over rendering and returning a web page.

Strong community and support

Strong community and support

ReactJS has another awesome advantage at its disposal – great community and support. Due to the popularity of this framework, the number of fans is growing rapidly. With the flow of time, they have created a community that is always ready to help you with any question and request. Moreover, this community has created another variant of React documentation that is much easier for understanding, especially for newbies. 

As far as ReactJS is the child of Facebook (currently Meta) it has strong support and always gets filled with new cool features, functions, and updates. Having such immense support ReactJS ensures that developers will use the technology and stay satisfied while working with it.

Ton of libraries

ReactJS is a super flexible framework that allows the creation of a mass of things and gives space to different approaches and tech decisions. It owns its flexibility to various libraries that contain ready-made solutions for different situations. The ReactJS community actively supports and creates libraries and that, in turn, helps immensely to reduce the time of development and at the same time takes some of the pains of devs.

Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM

DOM trees on contemporary, interactive websites and apps are intricate and large. Usually, DOM rewrites the entire page whenever inputs or queries are made, which can slow down performance and use up memory.

The virtual DOM is significantly more productive, works quicker, and ultimately produces a better UI. A virtual DOM just updates the element being changed, as opposed to rewriting the complete DOM tree each time a user makes a modification. 

You can see how a virtual DOM would be far more effective at producing a high-performance UI than a genuine DOM given that interactive websites are significantly more sophisticated than simple lists. 

One-way data flow

The majority of JS frameworks possess a multi-directional data flow. Usually, that leads to problems with code stability, because with multi-directional data flow every change done in a child component will directly affect the parent component. 

Meta has removed that problem and created a one-way data binding. That means that all the changes created in the child component don’t have any impact on parental components. That, in turn, makes the code far more stable and provides more control for developers in big and complex projects.

Speed of development

Speed of development

Speed of development is the key to success when you create a new app. In this regard, ReactJS is the #1 technology and this factor makes it so popular. 

One of the main reasons why ReactJS is so fast is the reusable components. There is no need to create everything from the very beginning because you will have the created component which you can use everywhere you need. 

Another reason for the high speed is the virtual DOM that is updated when changes are pushed without generating new HTML.

And the last reason that influences greatly the speed of React is the support of Meta and other developers that ensures that you will find solutions to your issues.

Cons of ReactJS

At this point let’s talk about the disadvantages of ReactJS.



In order to master technology or framework, every developer has to read the documentation. Despite all the pros that React possesses it surprisingly has rather bad documentation. 

It is directly connected to the constant and frequent updates and features that the Meta team creates and releases. 

For that reason, there is alternative documentation created by advanced ReactJS developers that is updated regularly and helps the majority of developers to master this framework.


This is a quite controversial point, but worthy of mentioning. JSX doesn’t harm performance or speed but it has another problem – syntax. For some percent of developers, especially newbies it turns out to be an obstacle to mastering ReactJS. Because of its complexity, many front-enders and designers consider JSX code to be hard to get, and that creates additional issues in learning and developing with ReactJS.

Pace of development

ReactJS is constantly developing itself and changing all the time. For some developers, it is an advantage, but in most cases, it is not. That’s great that technology always improving, but on the other hand, it gets difficult to keep up with it. 

Moreover, because of such a robust development, you have to learn and relearn a lot of things and that causes troubles and sometimes just gets under the skin.


There is no perfect technology in the world and ReactJS is not an exception. It has its pros and cons but still, it is the leader in the digital market because of its advantages. We have just cast light on a small token of them because there are much more of them. 

Personally, we find ReactJS the best technology for creating apps and we can gladly help you with hands and knowledge if you decide to create one.

All the pros of ReactJS compensate for its cons, furthermore, we should not forget that this technology keeps improving and getting better either for developers or clients.


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