Top 5 ReactJS projects for beginners

At some point in development, every engineer has to gain and enhance their practical skills. One of the best approaches is to reject solving small tasks and start creating a real project that you can put in your portfolio later. As for me learning things in practice is much better than just learning and solving tasks at Codewars or Leetcode. In a real project, you have to search for the info you really need and it turns out to be more engaging. You have the opportunity to create something cool, experiment there, and find out and fill those gaps in knowledge you have. That is why I'd like to advise you on several projects that will test and uplevel your skills. As far as I'm a ReactJS developer I'd like to show you my top 5 ReactJS projects for beginners.

Weather app

ReactJS Weather app

One of the most popular and effective ReactJS projects for beginners is the weather app. There are several reasons to create it:

  1. It is quite easy to create
  2. Lots of tutorials and information on that topic
  3. You can build it with other beginners and enhance your teamwork skills

As for me, this is a great project, to begin with. It will take from several hours up to several days but still, this is not so much time to spend. You will discover how to establish a connection with an external API and present the necessary results while creating this weather app. When you create various types of SPAs that are intended to retrieve data from outer sources and present the results, this practical expertise will be very helpful.

The most optimal thing is to build a weather app that could reflect a 5-day weather forecast and has basic functionality like the name of the city, weather icon at present moment, wind speed, humidity, temperature, and so on. Also, it has to reflect the temperature records for every day and include images for different weather conditions.

You might think that’s it. Not at all. Try to expand your app possibilities in such ways:

  1. Add some graphic lib to make the app more interacting
  2. To get a free API key and a 5-day forecast, register on the public weather map. Then, input this information into your app.
  3. Create an element where a user can see the hourly forecast on click.
  4. Add React Router. Look across your app and add some routes to add some more interactive elements to your app.

Productivity app

ReactJS Productivity app

One of the simplest projects with excellent tutorials available to assist you to grasp the ideas and create your own ReactJS application.

Applications for increasing productivity do just what their name implies—help you be more productive. Note-taking applications, management apps, task list apps, and much more are among the most frequently used tools.

Given the abundance of widely used productivity applications that are currently in existence, you can consider developing your own app that provides a comprehensive overview of the development of an app. When creating this ReactJS project for beginners, you should consider what features will make your app bright and outstanding. 

Get started with a basic function, such as a text editor for creating markdown-formatted content, and gradually add other features, such as the saving of a text as separate files or markdown text export as HTML for sending structured emails.

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Messaging app

React Messaging app

Messaging is an integral part of the lives of simple people or whole companies. Just recall how many messaging apps you have on your cellphone or laptop. 

Furthermore, messaging apps became effective tools for different businesses that help them to grow and conquer new market shares, so creating your own messaging app would be a nice ReactJS project to develop. Moreover, creating such an app is a great way not only to uplevel your skills but to monetize them. 

The core of messaging apps is real-time. The ability to support uninterrupted communication between two or more users in real time is the very first thing to note while developing messaging apps. In order to do that right and smooth use these pieces of advice from me: 

  1. Use AWS Amplify, Firebase, or Hasura to transfer data with WebSockets to display messages in a conversation at once
  2. Utilize Firebase or Cloudinary storage to send and receive messages with video and images
  3. Apply npm-emoji-mart package for emojis

Also, take into account the fact that creating your messaging app with ReactJS will be a good basis for creating its mobile version for Android and iOS with React Native. That is why I consider this project to be amazing for a ReactJS beginner.

Password generator

React Password generator

Let’s be honest, we all suffer and feel at a loss when we need to create a new password for some service. We want it to be strong and reliable so a simple app that will generate a password instead of you will be a nice project on React.

So, with React you can develop a password generator that will create strong passwords for you which you can just copy and paste when needed. In order to make it even better include several features there as the selection of a password’s format. For example, it can be the including of capital or small letters, numbers, and special characters.

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To-do app

ReactJS To-do app

This is the classical project to practice and enhance your ReactJS skills. As far as, we all need to do notes and see our progress during the work and the whole day, people often have notes, where they can write their plans, tasks, and just thoughts. As programmers, we can do things a bit easier and digitalize the old school note with a modern and cool To-do app. 

Creating a To-do app is a must for every ReactJS developer because exactly there you can learn and practice those skills that are so crucial during the real project and work. Moreover, maybe you have the same problem as I did, I couldn’t find a suitable, nice, and pretty To-do app for myself, so I created it myself. Making this project allow you to do something useful and custom in the way you want, but first, learn how to create a basic To-do app. And that is what we will do together in the next article.

Bottom line

Sure thing there is a vast of projects that you can do to challenge your ReactJS skills and grow as a specialist. You can do whatever you want because programming gives you limitless opportunities for creation. In this article, I expressed my opinion and listed those ReactJS projects I would start with personally. To be honest, even in RIVO AGENCY as in the ReactJS development company lots of developers started from the projects I identified. Only after a strong and complex practice every developer can create robust custom software for our clients and make them happy with it.

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