Top 5 WordPress plugins to boost your website

Nobody likes slow and lagging websites and apps. Remember how irritated you were when the page was downloading too slowly and you couldn't do anything properly. Furthermore, the speed of a webpage is a crucial factor. A fast load of a page increases the ranking on search pages and that has a good impact on business. WordPress developers understood that pain and decided to remove it creating different tools aimed to uplift the performance of webpages. So today we'd like to tell you about the top 6 WordPress plugins to boost your website thoroughly.

WP- Optimize


This plugin turned out to be one of the best solutions for database optimization. It helps to handle data a lot and in addition to that, it gives the opportunities to bring in order some more elements of your website. 

All in all, WP-Optimizer provides: 

  • removing old selections and trackbacks
  • removing and commenting metadata as well as trash and spam
  • scheduled cleaning time
  • the optimization of tables of databases
  • elimination of all revisions and drafts on the WP site

Furthermore, this plugin provides great image optimization because of an image size reduction. 

To be honest, WP – optimizer is not the best option for catching. There are a bunch of better plugins in that regard. 

On contrary, this plugin has other benefits like functionality minification. 

For example, it provides:

  • HTML + CSS minification
  • option to exclude JS alongside CSS
  • JS delay
  • combination of JS and CSS
  • turning off Google fonts
  • separation of metadata

Altogether, it is a great plugin that provides nice optimization for a website for free or for a modest price if you buy a paid version.

WP - rocket


When we talk about multiple approaches to website optimization and excellent catching, we talk about the WP-Rocket plugin.

This plugin provides a mass of benefits for which you’ll love it. 

Overall, WP-rocket gives:

  • easy usage 
  • simple to handle caching
  • CSS and JS minification
  • numerous CDNs support
  • image lazyload
  • constriction of GZIP
  • deferred JS loading
  • optimization of databases
  • preloading of cache

This is just a token of all WP-rocket possibilities and because of them, many developers reckon that WP-rocket is the best plugin to boost a website.

You don’t need to use a bunch of plugins for different purposes, you can use just one and that will also help to boost website performance.

LiteSpeed Cache

litespeed cache

Fast and nice performance plugin that has conquered the hearts of many. The only thing you need to know, you have to use a LiteSpeed server to run it, but believe this plugin is worth it. 

During its work, it has shown itself to be great in both optimizations and catching as well. So using it gives you a chance to improve your website performance significantly. There are numerous benefits of this plugin but we’d like to describe it generally. 

The first thing to look at is a brilliant optimization of images. With this plugin, you will be able to set the tone of an image as well as its size. Also, it allows the reduction of HTTP requests because of image lazyload and that, in turn, uplifts the speed of a site.

The second benefit that LiteSpeed has is DB optimization. LiteSpeed Cache gives the chance to remove all trash, spam, and unnecessary pages, posts, and revisions. Such functionality gives a strong optimization and boost as well. 

The last thing we’d like to draw your attention to is the optimization of a page that includes:

  • CSS and HTML minifying
  • delay of JavaScript
  • remove inactive resources
  •  combination of JavaScript states and putting it into one file
  • deleting Google fonts, WP emojis, and tags
  • reduce HTTP requests through image and iframe lazyloads

Query monitor

This is a tiny but rather useful plugin that will increase your site productivity. While using it, you’re able to see and identify heavy plugins that take the majority of a page’s resources.  

Also, this plugin makes a list of queries of each launched plugin and the time of its execution. 

In that way, you can find and deactivate those plugins that make unnecessary requests and slow down your website.

Performance lab

Taking into account the pain of users, WP devs have decided to create their own performance-boosting plugin. Performance Lab is not an easy plugin, it is a set of modules that are merged into WP core and increase productivity significantly. 

This plugin gives that the chance to test modules before they go to the WP core. In that way, you can gather feedback and create better solutions.

Now such modules are included:

  • Dominant Color: supports dominant color for images and creates a background placeholder with it.
  • WebP Uploads: constructs WebP versions for uploads of JPEG images.
  • Audit Full Page Cache: checks a site’s health
  • WebP Support provides the support of WebP for the examination of a site’s health status.
  • Audit Autoloaded Options: inspects the autoload options in the health status of a site.
  • Audit Enqueued Assets allows the assessment of JavaScript and CSS resources in the health status of a website.
  • Persistent Object Cache Health Check: allows a check of cache when the amount of data in a website’s health status is rather big.


As you can see, there are plenty of options if you want to increase your WordPress website performance. To choose the best one, you need to set the goals you’re gonna persuade and pick the necessary plugin. 

Btw, if you need a piece of professional advice you can turn to us, and we will provide the best WordPress solution for you.

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